Timepieces and chronometric instruments, in particular automatic clocks, chronographs (watches), chronometers, chronoscopes, electric clocks, radio watches, bell-tower clocks, mechanical wristwatches, pendulum clocks, sundials, clocks, stopwatches, divers' clocks, watches, wall clocks, alarm clocks, chronometric instruments, control clocks (master clocks); replacement parts and components for timepieces and chronometric instruments, in particular anchors (clock and watch-making), watch bands, screens for the indication of the time, barrels (clock and watch-making), clock housings, bracelets (watches), watch crystals, clock and watch movements (in particular mechanical, automatic, electric and electronic clock and watch movements, clockwork for quartz watches), alarm clocks, clockworks, control clocks (master clocks), atomic clocks, components and accessories for timepieces and chronometric instruments (not included in other classes), dials (clock and watch-making); accessories for timepieces and chronometric instruments, in particular cases for clock and watch-making, cases for watches; apparatus and instruments for chronometric instruments (not included in other classes); jewellery, in particular rings (jewellery), rings being jewelry, necklaces (jewellery), chains (jewellery), amulets (jewellery), brooches (jewellery), pins (jewellery), fancy key rings, key rings (lanyards); precious stones; medals, medallions (jewellery); precious metals and their alloys and goods made of or coated with these materials not included in other classes
Timepieces; escapements [clock and watch making]; barrels [clock and watch making]; dials [timepieces]; anchors [clock and watch making]; clock hands [clock and watch making]; pendulums [clock and watch making]; wall clocks; timepieces; movements for timepieces; cases for timepieces; presentation cases for timepieces; timepieces and chronometric instruments; gold timepieces; parts of movements for timepieces; faces for timepieces; cases for timepieces; presentation boxes for timepieces; cases for timepieces [custom-made]; quartz movement timepieces; presentation cases for timepieces; cases of precious metal for timepieces; jewelry; precious jewelry; crosses [jewelry]; jewelry and jewelry articles; decorative pins [jewelry]; decorative brooches [jewelry]; artificial stones [jewelry]; hat pins (jewelry); jewelry, clocks and watches; women's jewelry [jewelry]; jewelry and tin jewelry articles; gold plated brooches [jewelry]; imitation jewelry; charms made of common metals [jewelry]; rings [jewelry] made of precious metal; mesh chains of precious metal [jewelry]; jewelry articles with precious stones; jewelry articles with decorative stones; rings [jewelry] made of non-precious metal; jewelry articles of precious metal; clothing ornaments in the form of jewelry; ornaments for ears in the form of jewelry; chain mesh cord [jewelry] made of common metal; cases adapted to contain jewelry articles; jewelry made of precious metal alloys; silver thread (jewelry); silver thread [jewelry]; silver threads [jewelry]; threads of precious metal (jewelry); cabochons for the manufacture of jewelry articles; costume jewelry; agate [jewelry]; rings [jewelry]; pearls [jewelry]; medallions [jewelry]; pins [jewelry]; brooches [jewelry]; bracelets [jewelry]; rings [jewelry]; ornaments [jewelry]; necklaces [jewelry]; chains [jewelry]; amulets [jewelry]; badges [jewelry]; pieces of jewelry; jewelry articles; lapel pins [jewelry]; costume jewelry ornaments; identification bracelets [jewelry]; clips made of silver [jewelry]; jewelry chains; primers for jewelry; clasps for jewelry; spun thread and yarn [jewelry]; gold thread [jewelry]; semi-precious jewelry; wire of precious metal [jewelry]; threads of precious metal [jewelry]; pins of precious metal [jewelry]; jewelry made of chain mesh cord; jewelry chains of precious metal for necklaces; jewelry chains of precious metals for bracelets; chains (jewelry) of precious metal for anklets; jewelry clips for adapting earrings for pierced ears to earrings with clips; covers for rings [jewelry] to protect from impact, abrasion and damage to the ring and the ring stones
Tips of precious metal for Western ties; precious metals and their alloys and goods made of these materials or coated therewith not included in other classes; jewelry, precious stones; timepieces and chronometric instruments; agates; unwrought or semi-wrought jet; amulets [jewelry]; anchors [clock and watch making]; rings [jewelry]; spun silver; unwrought or beaten silver; barrels [clock and watch making]; pendulums [clock and watch making]; cuff links; bracelets [jewelry]; watch bands; busts of precious metal; watch cases; clock cases; watch chains; chains [jewelry]; jewelry charms; necklaces [jewelry]; chronographs [watches]; chronometers; stopwatches; chronoscopes; diamonds; tie clips; figurines [statuettes] of precious metal; gold thread [jewelry]; threads of precious metal [jewelry]; silver thread [jewelry]; copper tokens; jewelry and jewelry articles; cloisonne jewelry; badges of precious metal; iridium; clock hands; alloys of precious metal; ingots of precious metals; movements for timepieces; medals; medallions [jewelry]; unwrought or semi-wrought precious metals; watch springs; coins; works of art of precious metal; olivine [gems]; earrings; jewelry of yellow amber; ivory jewelry; ornaments [jewelry]; ornaments of jet; jewelry articles of precious metal for footwear; hat ornaments of precious metal; unwrought or beaten gold; pedestal clocks; atomic clocks; wristwatches; watches; control clocks [master clocks]; electric clocks; osmium; palladium; pearls made of ambroid [pressed amber]; pearls [jewelry]; beads for making jewelry; semi-precious stones; precious stones; platinum [metal]; key rings [split rings with charms or trinkets]; clock dials; sundials; rhodium; clockworks; ruthenium; boxes of precious metal; cases for timepieces; jewelry cases [caskets or boxes]; presentation cases for timepieces; tie pins; pins [jewelry]; ornamental pins; brooches [jewelry]; spinel [precious stones]; statues of precious metal; paste jewelry; time measuring instruments; alarm clocks; watch glasses; objects made of ground gold; leather and skin key holders