Tea infusers of precious metal; coffeepots, non-electric, of precious metal; pots, non-electric, of precious metals; jugs of precious metal; teapots of precious metal; purses of precious metal; jewel cases of precious metal; wall Clock; master clocks; stopwatches; movements for clocks and watches; dials (clock- and watchmaking); clock hands (clock- and watchmaking); watch springs; anchors (clock and watch-making); watch glasses; watch straps; pendulums (clock- and watchmaking); watch cases; clockworks; barrels (clock- and watchmaking); automobile clocks; alarm clocks; clocks and watches, electric; electronic clocks and watches; control clocks (master clocks); chronographs (watches); chronometers; chronoscopes; table clocks; wristwatches; pocket watches; garnets (jewellery); olivine (gems); malachite (jewellery); diamonds; opal (jewellery); ruby (jewellery); agates; cat's-eye (jewellery); moonstone (jewellery); beryl (jewellery); jasper (jewellery); green jadeite (jewellery); sapphire (jewellery); coral (jewellery); Ivory (jewellery); crystal (jewellery); star ruby (jewellery); star sapphire (jewellery); alexandrite (jewellery); aquamarine (jewellery); emerald (jewellery); chalcedony (jewellery); paste jewellery; costume jewellry zircon (jewellery); pearl (jewellery); spinel (precious stones); cloisonne jewellry; cubic zirconia (jewellery); chrysoberyl (jewellery); turquoise (jewellery); Topaz (jewellery); tourmaline (jewellery); Tigereye (jewellery); Yellow jade (jewellery); Black jade (jewellery); gold alloy ingots; gold plated articles; beaten gold (gold foil); articles of unrefined gold; gold ingots; plated articles (gold alloy); nickel silvers; rhodium; ruthenium; castings of platinum or platinum alloy; platinum foil; articles of unrefined platinum; platinum ingots; platinum alloy ingots; aluminium gold; osmium; silver foil (leaf); articles of unrefined silver; silver ingots; silver alloy ingots; iridium; palladium; earrings; hat ornaments of precious metals; badges of precious metal; buckles of precious metal; belt ornaments of precious metals; pins (jewellery); tie pins; medals; necklaces (jewellery); rings (jewellery); anklet (jewellery); amulets (jewellery); brooches (jewellery); ornamental pins; charms (jewellery); tie clips; bracelets (jewellery); cuff links