Semi-finished articles of precious stones for use in the manufacture of jewellery; Articles of jewellery; Articles of imitation jewellery; Amulets (jewellery); Artificial jewellery; Boxes for jewellery; Beads for making jewellery; Brooches (jewellery); Cases adapted to contain items of jewellery; Charms for jewellery; Charity wrist bands (jewellery); Clasps for jewellery; Cloisonne jewellery; Collets being parts of jewellery; Costume jewellery; Craft kits for jewellery construction; Crucifixes as jewellery; Custom jewellery; Decorative articles (trinkets or jewellery) for personal use; Decorative brooches (jewellery); Decorative pins (jewellery); Dress ornaments in the nature of jewellery; Ear ornaments in the nature of jewellery; Fake jewellery; Fashion jewellery; Hat jewellery; Imitation jewellery; Imitation jewellery ornaments; Items of jewellery; Ivory jewellery; Jewellery; Jewellery articles; Jewellery boxes; Jewellery cases; Jewellery cases (caskets or boxes); Jewellery cases made of paper coated wood; Jewellery charms; Jewellery fashioned from bronze; Jewellery fashioned of cultured pearls; Jewellery fashioned of semi-precious stones; Jewellery findings; Jewellery for personal adornment; Jewellery for personal wear; Jewellery in the form of beads; Jewellery incorporating pearls; Jewellery incorporating precious stones; Jewellery items; Jewellery made of bronze; Jewellery made of crystal; Jewellery made of glass; Jewellery made of plastics; Jewellery made of precious stones; Jewellery made of semi-precious materials; Jewellery of yellow amber; Jewellery ornaments; Jewellery products; Jewellery rolls; Jewellery stones; Jewellery trinkets of bronze; Leather jewellery; Lockets (jewellery); Medallions (jewellery); Medical condition alert jewellery; Necklaces (jewellery); Paste jewellery; Pearls (jewellery); Pendants (jewellery); Personal jewellery; Pins (jewellery); Pewter jewellery; Pins being jewellery; Plastic jewellery; Porphyry jewellery; Precious jewellery; Presentation boxes for jewellery; Ring bands (jewellery); Rings (jewellery); Rubber jewellery; Shoe jewellery; Synthetic stones (jewellery); Trinkets (jewellery); Wrist bands (charity, jewellery); Wrist bands of rubber or silicon (jewellery); Wristlets (jewellery); Jewellery incorporating diamonds; Diamonds; Gemstones; Jewellery watches; Bands for watches; Cases (fitted) for watches; Cases adapted to contain watches; Cases for watches (presentation); Chronographs (watches); Dials for watches; Digital watches with automatic timers; Divers' watches; Electric watches; Electrically operated movements for watches; Electronic watches; Electronically operated movements for watches; Faces for watches; Hands for watches; Leather watch straps; Mechanical watches with automatic winding; Mechanical watches with manual winding; Metal watch bands; Non-leather watch straps; Pendant watches; Pocket watches; Presentation boxes for watches; Presentation cases for watches; Quartz movements for watches; Quartz watches; Sports watches; Stop watches; Straps for watches; Table watches; Watch bands; Watch cases; Watch casings; Watch crystals; Watch dials; Watch glasses; Watch movements; Watch springs; Watch straps; Watch straps of leather; Watch straps of nylon; Watch straps of plastic; Watch straps of polyvinyl chloride; Watch straps of synthetic material; Watches; Watches bearing insignia; Watches for nurses; Watches for sporting use; Watches incorporating a memory function; Watches incorporating automatic generating systems; Wrist straps for watches; Wrist watch bands; Wrist watches; Wristlet watches; Gold jewellery; Gold thread (jewellery); Jewellery containing gold; Jewellery made from gold; Watches made of gold; Watches made of plated gold; Watches made of rolled gold; Cuff links made of gold; Cuff links made of imitation gold; Figurines made from gold; Gold; Gold alloys; Gold base alloys; Gold bullion coins; Gold coins; Gold earrings; Gold foil; Gold ingots; Gold medals; Gold plated brooches; Gold plated earrings; Gold plated rings; Gold rings; Gold thread (jewelry); Gold, unwrought or beaten; Horological instruments made of gold; Imitation gold; Objet d'art of enamelled gold; Silver thread (jewellery); Sterling silver jewellery; Jewellery made from silver; Cuff links made of silver plate; Figurines made from silver; Objet d'art of enamelled silver; Silver; Silver objets d'art; Silver thread (jewelry); Silver, unwrought or beaten; Spun silver (silver wire); Unwrought silver alloys; Unwrought silver; Platinum (metal); Semi-finished articles of precious metals for use in the manufacture of jewellery; Crucifixes of precious metal, other than jewellery; Jewellery coated with precious metal alloys; Jewellery coated with precious metals; Jewellery fashioned from non-precious metals; Jewellery fashioned of precious metals; Jewellery in non-precious metals; Jewellery in precious metals; Jewellery in semi-precious metals; Jewellery made of crystal coated with precious metals; Jewellery made of non-precious metal; Jewellery made of plated precious metals; Jewellery made of precious metals; Jewellery plated with precious metals; Jewellery trinkets coated with precious metal; Jewellery trinkets of precious metal; Threads of precious metal (jewellery); Wire of precious metal (jewellery); Cases of precious metals for watches; Ornaments of precious metals incorporating watches; Watches made of precious metals; Alloys of precious metal; Badges coated with precious metals; Badges of precious metal; Bonbonnieres coated with precious metal; Bonbonnieres of precious metal; Boxes of precious metal; Braids of precious metals; Busts of precious metal; Cases of precious metals for horological articles; Cases of precious metals for jewels; Charms of precious metals; Charms of semi-precious metals; Clothing ornaments of precious metals; Collar studs of precious metals; Crucifixes of precious metal, other than jewelry; Cuff links coated with precious metals; Cuff links made of precious metals with precious stones; Curios made of precious metal; Decorative button covers of precious metals; Decorative items made of plated precious metals; Decorative items made of solid precious metals; Decorative objects (ornaments) plated with precious metals; Decorative pins of precious metal; Decorative objects fashioned of precious metals; Ear studs of precious metals; Earrings of precious metal; Festival badges for wear (of precious metal); Hat pins of precious metal; Ingots of precious metals; Insignia of precious metals; Key fobs (rings) coated with precious metal; Key rings coated with precious metals; Key rings of precious metals; Label buttons of precious metals; Lapel badges of precious metal; Lapel buttons of precious metals; Lapel pins of precious metals; Medallions coated with precious metals; Medallions made of non-precious metals; Medallions made of precious metals; Medals coated with precious metals; Medals made of precious metals; Metal badges for wear (precious metal); Metal edgings for furniture (precious metal); Metal wire (precious metal); Metal works of art (precious metal); Objet d'art made of precious metals; Ornamental articles of precious metal; Ornamental figurines made of precious metal; Ornamental models made of precious metal; Scarf pins of precious metal; Scarf rings of precious metal; Split rings of precious metal for keys; Statues of precious metal; Statuettes made of semi-precious metals; Statuettes of precious metal; Table ornaments made of precious metals; Threads of precious metal (jewelry); Tie clips of precious metal; Tips of precious metals for collars; Tips of precious metals for the collars of shirts; Tips of precious metals for the toes of footwear; Trinket boxes (other than of precious metal); Trophies coated with precious metal alloys; Trophies coated with precious metals; Trophies made of precious metal alloys; Trophies made of precious metals; Wire of precious metal (jewelry); Works of art of precious metal; Jewellery chain; Jewellery rope chain for anklets; Jewellery rope chain for necklaces; Neck chains (jewellery); Pendants for watch chains; Watch chains; Gold chains; Gold plated chains; Square gold chain; Jewellery chain of precious metal for anklets; Jewellery chain of precious metal for necklaces; Rope chain made of precious metal; Chains (jewellery); Chains made of precious metals; Chains of precious metals; Chain mesh of precious metals; Chains (jewelry); Charms for key chains; Key chains; Key chains (split rings with trinket or decorative fob); Key chains incorporating trinkets or fobs; Tie chains; Metal expanding watch bracelets; Watch bracelets; Gold bracelets; Gold plated bracelets; Jewellery rope chain for bracelets; Jewellery chain of precious metal for bracelets; Bracelets (jewellery); Bracelets made of embroidered textile (jewellery); Bracelets and watches combined; Bracelets for watches; Bracelets (jewelry); Bracelets made of embroidered textile (jewelry); Flexible wire bands for wear as a bracelet; Leather bracelets; Wedding rings; Wedding bands; Clocks and watches, electric; Movements for clocks and watches; Cases of precious metals for clocks; Anchors (clock and watch-making); Alarm clocks; Clock cases; Clock hands (clock- and watchmaking); Clock movements; Clocks; Clocks for world time zones; Clocks having quartz movements; Clocks incorporating ceramics; Clocks incorporating radios; Electronic alarm clocks; Hands for clocks; Industrial clocks; Master clocks; Miniature clocks; Pendulums (clock- and watchmaking); Quartz clocks; Stands for clocks; Table clocks; Time clocks (master clocks) for controlling other clocks; Timing clocks; Travel clocks; Wall clocks (horological)