Pistols [arms]; component parts for pistols; pistols [firearms]; pistol cases; holsters; firearm bipods; breeches of firearms; firearms; automatic guns; firearm stands; cleaning implements for firearms; sight protectors for firearms; cleaning rods for firearms; covers for firearms; sling straps for firearms; barrel reflectors for firearms; cartridge magazines for firearms; cartridges for firearms; noise-suppressors for guns; protective cases adapted for firearms; safety catches for firearms; sighting devices for firearms [other than telescopic]; sights, other than telescopic sights, for firearms; guns [weapons]; breach boxes for guns; gun cartridge magazines; recoilless guns; bags specially adapted to hold rifles; component parts for rifles; gun parts; component parts for guns; sporting rifles; muzzles for guns [weapons]; bullets for use with rifles; rifle cartridges; weapons; gun belts; weapons for launching projectiles; automatic firearm ammunition belts; weapon cases for firearms; actuators being parts of weapons; projectiles for weapons; weapons and ammunition; magazines for weapons; silencers for firearms; fowling pieces; small bore firearms; firearm monopods; ammunition for firearms; hunting firearms; gun bags [specifically adapted]; tripods for firearms; side arms [firearms]; loading clips for pistols; small arms; pull-throughs for small arms; small arms ammunition; hunting rifles [sporting rifles]; hunting gun cartridges; rifle slings; ammunition; rifle ammunition; combination holster and ammunition magazine pouch.