aerial targets; air launchers; ammunition; ammunition for firearms; ammunition for guns; apparatus for cleaning firearms; apparatus for firing weapons; apparatus for launching weapons; apparatus for use in the firing of missiles; armaments; automatic firearm ammunition belts; armour-piercing incendiary projectiles; armour-piercing projectiles; armaments installations; barrels (gun); bombs; bullets; cartridges; cartridges containing flares; cartridges containing smoke; cartridges for firearms; cartridges for guns; cases for rifles; cleaning brushes for firearms; defence apparatus (weapons); emergency flares (pyrotechnics); explosive cartridges; firearms; firing platforms (weapons); flares (pyrotechnic); fog signals, explosive; guided missiles; guided projectiles; guided rockets; guided weapons; gun barrels; gun cartridge magazines; guns (weapons); holders for ammunition; holsters for weapons; infantry weapons; launchers for missiles (weapons); launchers for projectiles; hunting firearms; machine guns; medium calibre ammunition; military pyrotechnics; missiles; munitions; noise-suppressors for guns; pellets (ammunition); pistols (arms); pistols (firearms); projectiles (weapons); protective cases adapted for firearms; pyrotechnic ammunition; rifle barrels; rifle cases; rocket launchers; rockets (projectiles); shotgun ammunition; shotguns; side arms (firearms); sighting devices for firearms (other than telescopic); sights, other than telescopic sights, for firearms; silencers for firearms; small arms (firearms); smoke projectiles; weapon systems; weapons for launching projectiles; weapons for launching missiles