Single rail overhead tracks for transportation of passengers and materials; railway transport vehicles powered by compressed air (and hydraulic), gasoline (and hydraulic) or electricity (and hydraulic); magnetic train locomotives; railway trolleys; transfer or transport vehicles; hauler vehicles powered by gasoline engine or battery; universal transport vehicles; underground fork lift trucks; front shovel loaders; side-tip loader vehicles; displacing wagons; discharge wagons, semi-trailer slewing wagons, tractive wagons, brake wagons, driving trailers, cable cars, low-loaders, passenger cars and carriages, testing coaches, articulated trains, travelling gears, chassis, wheels, rollers, axles, bearings, bogies, guide rollers, vehicle and conveyer wagon couplings; rail-mounted transport apparatus, rail-mounted shunting apparatus, floor conveyor tracks and rack railways and parts therefor; aerial conveyors; cable-driven aerial conveyors with their own driving gears, in particular monorail aerial conveyors, track rail systems, chair lifts, cable cars and parts therefor; mounting and dismounting points for mining transport systems; turning stations, comprising mainly cable pulleys and/or chain wheels, axles, bearings, casings, tension and guide devices; cable drums, brakes, brake systems, brake devices and brake equipment and parts therefor for land vehicles, suspension railways and lifts; driving trailers for brake devices and brake equipment for land vehicles, suspension railways and lifts; rail installations for suspension railways and floor conveyors and parts therefor; channel cleaning vehicles; trolleys; mine bicycles, track bicycles; buffers for railway rolling stock; vehicle trailers; parts of vehicles, in particular bonnets, axle journals, trailer hitches, drive chains, drive machines, silencers, tyres, wheels, axles, covers for seats and saddles, anti-glare devices, anti-theft devices and alarms, torque converters, chassis, wheel rims, chains, handlebars, motorRs and engines, pedals, frames, saddles, bicycle inner tubes, indicators, doors, hoods, gears, cars or parts of cars, bodies, mudguards, couplings, mirrors, windscreen wipers, flanges, steering wheels, joysticks, shock absorbers, bumpers, torsion bars, suspension springs, running boards