Ships and watercrafts and parts and accessories thereof, namely propellers for vessels, steering gears and rudders for vessels, oars, oarlocks, canoe paddles, stanchions, steel hatch covers, sea ladders, fenders for vessels (boat side protectors), hatch wedges, hatch cleats, hatch battens, hatch boards, boat covers, davits for boats (boat davits), boat chocks, portholes for vessels, mooring pipes for vessels; aircrafts and parts and accessories of aircrafts, namely rotor blades for helicopters, landing gears, seats of aircraft, structural struts of aircraft, landing gear wheels of aircraft, wings of aircraft, flight control gears, tires for landing gear wheels of aircraft, inner tubes for aircraft wheel tires, fuselages of aircraft, fuel tanks for aircraft, vertical and horizontal stabilizers, airplane propellers, oil hydraulic system components for aircraft; motor vehicles and parts and accessories of motor vehicles, namely air bags (safety devices for automobiles), windscreens of automobiles, air pumps of automobiles, clutches of automobiles, warning horns of automobiles, seats of automobiles, seat covers of automobiles, chassis of automobiles, bodies of automobiles, automobile body covers, wheels of automobiles, spokes of automobile wheels, tires for automobiles, inner tubes for automobile tires, automobile door handles, doors of automobiles, mudguards for automobiles, luggage carriers of automobiles, rearview mirrors of automobiles, steering wheels of automobiles, steering wheel covers of automobiles, automobile bumpers, automobile windshields (windscreens), direction signals (turn signals for automobiles), holding tops of automobiles (convertible tops), automobile hoods, window curtains of automobiles, automobile spare wheel holders, wheel rims for automobiles, automobile roof racks, windscreen wipers for automobiles; motorcycles and parts and accessories thereof, namely chainwheels or cranks of two-wheeled motor vehicles, air pumps of two-wheeled motor vehicles, warning horns or bells of two-wheeled motor vehicles, saddles of two-wheeled motor vehicles, spindles of two-wheeled motor vehicles, stands of two-wheeled motor vehicles, spokes of two-wheeled motor vehicles, tires of two-wheeled motor vehicles, drive chains of two-wheeled motor vehicles, drive-chain guards of two-wheeled motor vehicles, inner tubes for two-wheeled motor vehicles, mudguards of two-wheeled motor vehicles, baskets or panniers of two-wheeled motor vehicles, handlebar grips of two-wheeled motor vehicles, luggage racks of two-wheeled motor vehicles, wheel hubs of two-wheeled motor vehicles, handlebars of two-wheeled motor vehicles, freewheels of two-wheeled motor vehicles, frames of two-wheeled motor vehicles, front forks of two-wheeled motor vehicles, wheel rims of two-wheeled motor vehicles; bicycles and parts and accessories thereof, namely chain wheels or cranks of bicycles, air pumps of bicycles, warning horns or bells of bicycles, tires of bicycles, drive chains of bicycles, spindles of bicycles, stands of bicycles, spokes of bicycles, drive-chain guards of bicycles, inner tubes of bicycles, mudguards of bicycles, baskets or panniers of bicycles, handlebar grips of bicycles, luggage racks of bicycles, frames of bicycles, bicycle pedals, front forks of bicycles, freewheels of bicycles, wheel rims of bicycles, saddles of bicycles, wheel hubs of bicycles, handlebars of bicycles; motor tricycles and parts and accessories thereof, namely chainwheels or cranks of motor tricycles, air pumps of motor tricycles, warning horns or bells of motor tricycles, saddles of motor tricycles, spindles of motor tricycles, stands of motor tricycles, spokes of motor tricycles, tires of motor tricycles, drive chains of motor tricycles, inner tubes for motor tricycles, mudguards of motor tricycles, baskets or panniers of motor tricycles, handlebar grips of motor tricycles, luggage racks of motor tricycles, wheel hubs of motor tricycles, handlebars of motor tricycles, freewheels of motor tricycles, frames of motor tricycles, front forks of motor tricycles, wheel rims of motor tricycles, drive-chain guards of motor tricycles; strollers, wheelchairs, rickshaws, sledges, hand cars (wheelbarrows), carts, horse drawn carriages, rear (pull) cars; aerial ropeways for cargo; car dumpers, car pushers, car pullers, wreckers; non-electric prime movers for land vehicles (not including their parts); shafts, axles or spindles for land vehicles; bearings for land vehicles; shaft couplings or connectors for land vehicles; power transmissions and gearings for land vehicles; shock absorbers for land vehicles; springs for land vehicles; brakes for land vehicles; alternating current motors or direct current motors for land vehicles (excluding their parts); adhesive rubber patches for repairing tires or tubes; anti-theft alarms for vehicles
Shock absorbing springs for vehicles, suspension shock absorbers for vehicles, amphibious airplanes, non-skid devices for vehicle tyres, anti-theft devices for vehicles, anti-glare devices for vehicles, head-rests for vehicle seats, transmission shafts for land vehicles, trailer hitches for vehicles, shock absorbers for automobiles, automobile tyres, automobile hoods, automobile bodies, automobile chains, automobile chassis, bumpers for automobiles, sunblinds adapted for automobiles, snowmobiles, anti-theft alarms for vehicles, reversing alarms for vehicles, signal horns for vehicles, aeroplanes, aerial conveyors, air vehicles, air cushion vehicles, aeronautical apparatus, machines and appliances, aircraft, ferries, luggage carriers for vehicles, valves for vehicle tires, torsion bars for vehicles, boats, ships' hulls, boat hooks, steering gears for ships, disengaging gear for boats, inclined ways for boats, screw propellers for boats, oars, mine cart wheels, bicycles, bicycle tyres, bicycle stands, bicycle frames, inner tubes for bicycles, dress guards for bicycles, cycles, bicycle brakes, bicycle handlebars, direction indicators for bicycles, cycles, etc, bicycle rims, bicycle pumps, bicycle spokes, bicycle saddles, bicycle bells, connecting rods for land vehicles, other than engine parts, davits for boats, caps for vehicle petrol tanks, flanges of railway wheel tyres, mudguards, cycle stands, cycle frames, caissons (vehicles), vehicle convertible tops, hoods for vehicle engines, bodyworks, crankcases for land vehicle components (other than for engines), safety belts for vehicle seats, sloops, anti-skid chains, driving chains for land vehicles, cycle chains, transmission chains for land vehicles, vehicle tracks, vehicle chassis, hydraulic circuits for vehicles, panniers adapted for cycles, torque converters for land vehicles, ships' hulls, horns for vehicles, sleeping berths for vehicles, air bags (safety devices for automobiles), boat hooks (gaffs), cycles, bells; s for cycles, cycles, cycle tyres, tubeless tyres for cycles, inner tubes for cycles, gears for cycles, cycle brakes, cycle mudguards, cycle handlebars, cycle rims, cranks for cycles, motors for cycles, cycle hubs, cycle pneumatic tyres, cycle pumps, pedals for cycles, cycle spokes, wheels for cycles, cycles, cycle saddles, cycle bells, direction signals for vehicles, fenders for ships, reduction gears for land vehicles, clutches for land vehicles, vehicle safety seats for children, prams, gearing for land vehicles, hub caps, casings for pneumatic tyres, spars for ships, axles, axle journals, windscreen wipers, luggage nets for vehicles, small vans, vans (vehicles), brake linings for vehicles, brake shoes for vehicles, brake segments for vehicles, vehicle brakes, bands for wheel hubs, interior upholstery for vehicles, rudders, security harnesses for vehicle seats, elevating tailgates (parts of land vehicles), saddle covers for bicycles or motorcycles, vehicle covers, seat covers for vehicles, portholes, seaplanes, hydroplanes, screw propellers, screws for ships, vehicle wheel rims, traction engines, military transport vehicles, engines for land vehicles, motorcycles, motorcycles, driving motors for land vehicles, hubs for vehicle wheels, water vehicles, ships, ships' funnels, timbers for ships, parachutes, mudguards, windscreens, vehicle bumpers, air pumps (vehicle accessories), ski carriers for cars, doors for vehicles, pushchairs, pushchair hoods, propulsion mechanisms for land vehicles, trailers (vehicles), vehicle suspension springs, tyres for vehicle wheels, vehicle wheels, vehicle wheel spokes, freewheels for land vehicles, castors for trolleys (vehicles), jet engines for land vehicles, rearview mirrors, saddles for bicycles and motorcycles, sidecars, seats for vehicles, ejector seats (for aeroplanes), sports cars, vehicle undercarriages, sleighs (vehicles), scooters, turbines for land vehicles, gearboxes for land vehicles, windows for vehicles, motor cars, co; overs for baby carriages, hoods for baby carriages, steering wheels for vehicles, balance weights for vehicle wheels, pneumatic tyres for vehicles, refrigerated vehicles, remote-controlled vehicles (other than toys), vehicles for locomotion by land, air, water or rail, electric vehicles, mopeds, bicycles
Shock absorbing springs for vehicles; vehicle wheels; upholstery for vehicles; transmission shafts for land vehicles; vehicle suspension springs; air bags (safety devices for automobiles); motors for land vehicles; vehicle chassis; automobile bodies; anti-theft devices for vehicles; anti-theft alarms for vehicles; vehicle bumpers; steering wheels for vehicles; torsion bars for vehicles; couplings for land vehicles; windshields; windscreen wipers; safety belts for vehicle seats; hubs for vehicle wheels; hydraulic circuits for vehicles; gearing for land vehicles; bands for wheel hubs; reversing alarms for vehicles; hoods for vehicle engines; crankcases for land vehicles (other than for engines); clutches for land vehicles; balance weights for vehicle wheels; transmissions, for land vehicles; spoke clips for wheels; tipping apparatus, parts of trucks and waggons; gear boxes for land vehicles; driving chains for land vehicles; torque converters for land vehicles; connecting rods for land vehicles, other than parts of motors and engines; non-skid devices for vehicle tires (tyres); anti-skid chains; trailer hitches for vehicles; valves for vehicle tires (tyres); vehicle running boards; horns for vehicles; caps for vehicle petrol (gas) tanks; anti-dazzle devices for vehicles; inner tubes for pneumatic tires (tyres); doors for vehicles; windows for vehicles; tires for vehicle wheels; rearview mirrors; shock absorbers for vehicles; automobile hoods; brakes for vehicles; suspension shock absorbers for vehicles; luggage carriers for vehicles; elevating tailgates (am.) (parts of land vehicles); hub caps; turbines for land vehicles; air pumps (vehicle accessories); brake shoes for vehicles; axles for vehicles; propulsion mechanisms for land vehicles; brake segments for vehicles; security harness for vehicle seats; direction signals for vehicles; transmission chains for land vehicles; remote control vehicles (other than toys)
Shock absorbers for vehicles; shock absorbers for bicycles; panniers adapted for bicycles; bicycles; touring bicycles; mountain bicycles; delivery bicycles; electric bicycles; bicycles for children; road racing bicycles; saddlebags adapted for bicycles; bicycle bells; bicycle chains; chain guards for bicycles; bicycle kickstands; brake cables for bicycles; brake blocks for bicycles; rims for bicycle wheels; baskets adapted for bicycles; hub caps; saddle covers for bicycles; bicycle forks; hydraulic disc brakes for bicycles; hydraulic rim brakes for bicycles; bicycle wheels; cogs for bicycles; cogsets; bicycle sprockets; bicycle brakes; brake linings for vehicles; steering brakes; brake calipers for vehicles; brake discs for vehicles; transmission mechanisms for land vehicles; transmission mechanisms for bicycles; cranksets for bicycles; brake pads for vehicles; drive chains for bicycles; chain sprockets; hubs for bicycle wheels; ring nuts for wheel hubs; bicycle pedals; bicycle saddles; bicycle seat posts; wheel bearings for land vehicles; axle bearings for land vehicles; bicycle handlebars; bicycle fork wheel mounts; bicycle motors; bicycle mudguards; structural parts for bicycles; pedal cranks for bicycles; pumps for bicycle tyres; luggage carriers for bicycles; spokes for bicycle wheels; dress guards for bicycles; bicycle trailers; bicycle training wheels; disk wheels for bicycles; gear wheels for bicycles; suspension systems for bicycles; bicycle frames; fork crowns for bicycles; transmissions for bicycles; bicycle chainsets; mudguards for bicycles; water bottle cages for bicycles; fitted covers for bicycles; spoke clips for wheels; gears for bicycles; spindles of bicycles; saddle tubes for bicycles; toe straps for use on bicycles; bicycle handlebar grips; gear wheels [bicycle parts]; bicycle stabilisers; change-speed gears [bicycle parts]; axle boots for vehicles; fasteners for attaching a wheel to a bicycle frame [bicycle parts]; devices for rapidly removing a wheel from a bicycle frame [bicycle parts]; quick release skewer; vehicles; apparatus for locomotion by land, air or water, excluding tyres and inner tubes.
Shock absorbers for bicycles; bicycle parts, namely, handle bar stems; bicycles; bicycle parts, namely, change-speed gears; bicycle gears; inner tubes for bicycles, cycles; pneumatic inner tubes for vehicle wheels; bicycle seat posts; chains for bicycles, cycles; bicycle parts, namely, drive chains; bicycle stands; bicycle parts, namely, brake shoes; rims for wheels of bicycles, cycles; bicycle parts, namely, gear wheels; front derailleurs; hub caps; structural parts of bicycles; bicycle parts, namely, forks; bicycle parts, namely, drive trains; bicycle handlebar grips; cranks for cycles; handle bars for bicycles, cycles; cycle hubs; chain guards for bicycles; cycle mudguards; pedals for cycles; bicycle tires [tyres]; bicycle parts, namely, fork crown covers; bicycle parts, namely, disk wheels; bicycle parts, namely, gear wheels; rims for wheels of bicycles, cycles; cycle hubs; mud flap brackets as structural parts of vehicles; frames for bicycles, cycles; aerodynamic extensions for bicycle handlebars; bicycle handlebar grips; supports for bicycle handlebar instruments; wheel bearings for land vehicles; racing bicycles; saddlebags adapted for bicycles; air pumps for bicycles for the inflation of tyres; water bottle cages for bicycles; bicycle grip tape; hub caps; spokes for bicycles, cycles; wheels for bicycles, cycles; bicycle wheel stabilisers; wheel suspensions; spoke clips for bicycle wheels; freewheels for bicycles; bicycle parts, namely, front derailleurs; bicycle parts and accessories
Shock absorbers; springs; rims for vehicle wheels; steering wheels; parts of motor vehicle axles; parts of the vehicle steering mechanism, particularly drag- links, tie rods and joints; parts of vehicle drives, particularly coupling elements, wheel bearings and constant velocity joints; vehicle springs, particularly concussion springs and shock absorbers; gas springs for automobiles, particularly for engine hoods and tailgates; vehicle body components, particularly exterior mirrors; automotive spare parts, particularly for air brakes; brake parts, particularly brake pads and brake discs; parts of vehicle drives, particularly propeller shaft joints; automobile engines; chains; viscous couplings; small motors; all the aforesaid goods as far as included in this class as replacement parts or repair sets; parts for motor vehicles, as far as included in this class, in particular, parts for vehicle axles, parts for vehicle brakes, particularly pads and disks, parts of vehicle steering mechanisms, particularly drag-links, tie rods and joints; parts of vehicle drives, particularly coupling elements, wheel bearings and constant velocity joints; electronic switching and control devices for vehicles, namely small engines; replacement parts for land vehicles, as far as included in this class, namely, for passenger cars, trucks and busses and their trailers, particularly motors, parts for land vehicles, namely for passenger cars, trucks and busses and their trailers, namely clutches, gear boxes, tie rods, wheels, transverse links, stabilizer bars, brakes; vehicles; land vehicles; electric vehicles; electric motors for land vehicles; axles for vehicles; electric motor vehicle bodies; brake pads and brake linings for vehicles; brake calipers, brake installations, bumpers, clutches, differential gears, driving toothed wheels, gear change selectors; gearboxes, gear shafts, hydraulic cylinders and motors, supporting bearings, all for vehicles; vehicle chassis; manual and power steering apparatus, personal safety restraints, seats, sliding roofs, steering columns, all for vehicles; hubs for vehicle wheels; vehicle wheels; car-top luggage carriers, safety belts for vehicle seats, mudguards, deflectors, direction indicators, hatches, horns, rearview mirrors, luggage carriers for vehicles, ski carriers for vehicles, anti-skid chains, headrests, safety seats for children, for vehicles, stabilizers, steering linkage, suspensions, drawbars, tension bars, motor car windows, window winding mechanisms for vehicle windows, windshield wipers, all for vehicles; arm rests for vehicles; balance weights for vehicle wheels; mechanical control units for breaks, clutches, gas pedals and for gear boxes, engine mounts, all for vehicles; protective covers, radiator grills, fluid reservoirs, stowage boxes and stowage compartments, spare wheel carriers, all being parts of vehicles; covering panels for vehicles; automobile accessories, as far as included in this class; direction signals for automobiles; injection pumps for automobiles; water pumps for automobiles; constant velocity joints; gaskets for hydraulic cylinders for use in mining and construction machines and land vehicles; gaskets for hydraulic motors for use in mining and construction machines and land vehicles; gaskets for hydraulic shock absorbers for land vehicles; rubber moulded parts for automobiles, particularly silent blocks, profile frames, weather strippings, holding rings for exhaust systems, axle boots and gasket sets; all aforesaid goods as far as included in this class