Rail wagons; bodies for railway wagons; bogies for railway cars; buffers for railway rolling stock; carriages (railways); locomotives for service railway vehicles; railway carriages; railway cars; railway coaches; railway rolling stock; railway vehicles; locomotives; locomotives for transporting freight; locomotives for transporting passengers; recorded media including pre-recorded compact discs, CD-ROMs, cassettes, MP3s and videocassettes; recorded computer programmes, computer software and multi-media included in this class; publications in this class including electronic, multimedia and/or downloadable publications and publications sold and distributed online; electronic database publications; electronic notice boards; kits comprising recorded materials (including discs, tapes, cassettes, software and multi-media) and manuals, sold together as a unit; teaching and training apparatus including audiovisual teaching and training apparatus; and mouse pads; printed matter including printed timetables, printed tickets, printed labels, printed forms, printed directories and printed promotional, publicity, marketing and advertising material; document holders and supports including ticket holders, card holders, folders, binders and holders and supports for use with computers; stationery including containers for protecting documents, folders, paper sheets, pads, stickers and note books; detachable covers, for books of all kinds, made from paper, cardboard, or plastics; printed publications; paper, cardboard and goods made at least predominantly from these materials; teaching, training and instructional materials including manuals but excluding teaching apparatus; cards; diaries; calendars; posters; plans; labels, placards and identification tags included in this class; office requisites excluding office furniture; stands, cases and clips for pens and pencils; writing instruments and materials; wristbands for the retention of writing instruments; packaging included in this class; albums; book markers; paperweights; photographs; graphic prints, representations and reproductions; signboards of paper or cardboard; tickets and vouchers; and transfers including decalcomanias