Power transmission products and parts and fittings therefor; chains; attachments for chains; fitted coverings and covers for chains; attachable and detachable coverings and covers for chains; removable coverings and covers for chains; driving chains; conveying chains; chain clutches; chain couplings; chain racks and pinions; counter-weight chains and pinions in combination; chain, namely engineering class chain comprising chain of the following types: drive, roller drive, roller conveyor, welded steel, welded drag, block, knuckle, draw bench, steel rivetless, barloop, detachable link, pintle, elevator, bushed; speed change drives; speed change gears; chain cases and splash guards; chain tension adjusters; chain guides; mortise chains; guide bars and sprocket wheels for use with mortise chains; power transmission chains; chain wheels; flexible couplings; chain guard castings; toothed wheels for chain drivers; toothed wheels for driving chains; block chains; chain joints; fenders and mudguards (for land vehicles); driver chain wheels and chain wheels; chained toothed couplings; auto-adjusters for chains; direct drive dog clutches; inverted tooth type chain gears; inverted tooth type chains; chain finishers; elastic couplings; torque limiters; roller chains; bushless chains; pine kernels and ratchets for chains; spigot pins; stay bars; roller chains and metal tubing for controlling mechanisms; fork lift truck chains, links, wheels and sprockets; connecting pins, joints and components for chains; axle pivots; spacer bars; dentent chains; bicycle chains