Pneumatic tyres for vehicle wheels; Solid rubber tyres for vehicle wheels; Tyres for motor vehicle wheels; Tyres for vehicle wheels; Tyres, solid, for vehicle wheels; Automobile wheels; Balance weights for vehicle wheels; Bearing units for wheels; Bevel wheels for land vehicles; Cast ferrous wheels for use on land vehicles; Cast ferrous wheels for use on trailers; Cast ferrous wheels for use on trucks; Cast steel automotive wheels; Centrally located drive wheels for vehicles; Friction wheels for land vehicles; Hubs for vehicle wheels; Jockey wheels for vehicles; Light alloy wheels for motor vehicles; Light metal wheels for motor vehicles; Motor land vehicles having four or more wheels; Pneumatic inner tubes for vehicle wheels; Rims for vehicle wheels; Rims for wheels of bicycles, cycles; Rolling wheels for vehicles; Spoke wheels for vehicles; Spokes for vehicle wheels; Supports for trailers and caravans (legs and dolly wheels); Tail wheels for vehicles; Tires for the wheels of excavators; Tires for the wheels of self propelled machines; Tires for vehicle wheels; Tires, solid, for vehicle wheels; Tubes for vehicle wheels; Vehicle wheels; Vehicles having more than two pairs of wheels; Wheels for land vehicles; Wheels for motor vehicles; Wheels for motorcycles; Wheels for racing karts; Wheels for vehicles; Camping trailers; Horse trailers; Livestock trailers; Load carrying trailers; Road trailers; Suspension apparatus for trailers; Trailers (vehicles); Trailers for motor land vehicles; Trailers for towing boats; Trailers for use with trucks; Transport trailers; Vehicle trailers
Pneumatic tyres; wheels, tires for vehicle wheels, valves for vehicle tires [tyres]; vehicle accessories, namely trailer hitches, rooftop carriers, ski carriers, mudguards, anti-skid chains, windscreens, head rests, safety belts for vehicle seats, safety seats for children, for vehicles; bicycle accessories, namely dress guards for bicycles, luggage carriers for bicycles, bells, air pumps; treads for retreading tires [tyres]; tire patches; sports cars; go-carts; kart frames; go-kart engines; propulsion and transmission mechanisms for go-carts; transmission chains, pinions and transmission rings for go-carts; torque converters for go-carts; gears for go-carts; couplings for go-carts; transmission shafts for go-carts; axles for go-carts; connecting rods for go-carts; gear boxes for go-carts; housings for go-carts; brakes for go-carts; petrol tanks for go-carts; suspension shock absorbers for go-carts; shock absorbing springs for go-carts; go-cart seats; bucket seats for go-carts; steering wheels for go-carts; safety harness for go-carts; covers for go-carts; wheels for go-carts; wheel rims for go-carts; pneumatic tyres for go-carts; inner tubes for pneumatic tyres for go-carts; air pumps for go-carts; mudguards for go-carts; windscreens for go-carts; bumpers for go-carts; bodywork elements, namely pontoons, spoilers, front panels, engine covers for go-karts; hub caps for go-carts; powered vehicles for use on land; parts and fittings for vehicles; motors for land vehicles; brakes for land vehicles; petrol caps for vehicles; shock absorbing springs for vehicles; suspension shock absorbers for vehicles; framing for land vehicles; vehicle seats; tyres for land vehicles; tyre casings; tires (non-skid devices for vehicle -); tires for vehicle wheels; rims for vehicle wheels; valves for vehicle tires [tyres]; chains for land vehicles; chainwheels for land vehicles; luggage nets for vehicles; seat covers for vehicles; air bags [safety devices for automobiles]; anti-theft devices for vehicles; horns for vehicles; anti-theft warning apparatus for motor cars; mud guards [land vehicle parts]; direction signals for vehicles; luggage carriers for vehicles; brake pedals for land vehicles; rearview mirrors; brake linings for vehicles