Materials handling equipment; forklift trucks, lifting loaders and lifting trucks with and without driver motors also with piston operated internal combustion engine drive means or with battery-electric drive means or powered on the mains; hand lifting trucks, platform trucks with and without drive motor(s), also with piston-operated internal combustion engine drive means or with battery-electric drive means or powered on the mains; lifting stagings (towers) for fork-lift trucks and lifting loaders, hydraulic cylinders for the latter; control units for fork-lift trucks and lifting loaders and the drive means thereof; gears for land vehicle composed of hydrostatic pumps and hydrostatic motors in dismembered and in compact form, also in axle-transmission form; hydraulic, electric and pneumatic control devices for controlling hydrostatic gears for land vehicles; hydraulic, electric, mechanical and Pneumatic regulating devices for hydrostatic geasrs for land vehicles; device to be fitted onto fork-lift trucks, designed for gripping and moving materials, such as load carrying and retaining devices, forks, fork extensions and extension shoes, platforms, rams and booms, load clamps, tongues, manipulators, grabs, scoops and shovel attachments, tilting, swinging and pusher attachments, cranes, jibs and arms, elevating working platforms, side shifters, rotating heads, independently adjustable forks, loading and unloading devices, pallet upenders and fork push-pull attachments; rigid or mobile devices to be fitted onto fork-lift trucks, designed for gripping and moving materials, comprising those fitted with manual release for operation, or for operation by means of a hydraulic, pneumatic or electric auxiliary primemover; individual components and substitute components for the aforementioned Goods, as well as the parts of the abovementioned goods, all the aforementioned goods being goods included in this class
Mats adapted (shaped) for use in motor vehicles; Windscreen sunshades; Safety belt supports; Steering wheel gloves for vehicle steering wheels; Jalousies for vehicle windows; Seat trays adapted for use in vehicles; Seat cushions for the seats of cars; Motor buses; Cars; Automobile tires (tyres); Sleeping berths for vehicles; Saddle covers for bicycles or motorcycles; Covers for vehicle steering wheels; Ships; Motor homes; Tricycles; Shopping trolleys (carts); Hydroplanes; Casters for trolleys (vehicles) (carts (Am.)); Non-skid devices for vehicle tires (tyres); Golf cars (vehicles); Hot air balloons (balloon aircraft); Upholstery for vehicles; Yachts; Pushchairs; Stroller covers (pushchairs); Tilting-carts; Dump cars; Cycle cars; Audible warning systems for cycles; Head-rests for car seats; Spray prevention flaps for vehicles; Aircraft; Air pumps (vehicle accessories); Mopeds; Motorcycles; Paddles for canoes; Screws (propellers) for ships; Hub caps; Space vehicles; Pneumatic tires (tyres); Tires for vehicle wheels; Motor scooters; Pedal scooters; Push scooters (vehicles); Rearview mirrors; Oars; Rowlocks; Ships' hulls; Two-wheeled trolleys; Saddles for bicycles, cycles or motorcycles; Saddlebags adapted for bicycles; Clutches for land vehicles; Launches; Windshield wipers; Headlight wipers; Sleighs (vehicles); Mudguards; Anti-skid apparatus for vehicles; Automobile chains (anti-skid for wheels); Snowmobiles; Seat covers for vehicles; Funnels for locomotives; Trolleys; Carts; Cycle mudguards; Mudguards for vehicles; Adhesive rubber patches for repairing inner tubes; Safety belts for vehicle seats; Safety seats for children (for vehicles); Ski lifts; Ski carriers for cars; Car sun blinds; Spikes for tires (tyres); Spoilers for vehicles; Suspension shock absorbers for vehicles; Sports cars; Vehicle shock absorbers; Shock absorbing springs for vehicles; Vehicle bumpers; Bumpers for automobiles; Caps for vehicle petrol (gas) tanks; Tractors; Handling carts; Valves for vehicle tires (tyres); Disengaging gear for boats; Water vehicles; Windscreens; Camper vans; Caravans; Vehicles in the nature of caravans; Cycle stands