Luggage trucks; Dining cars; Luggage carriers for vehicles; Trailer hitches for vehicles; Hoods for vehicle engines; Direction signals for vehicles; Seat covers for vehicles; Safety belts for vehicle seats; Vehicle seats; Security harness for vehicle seats; Non-skid devices for vehicle tires (tyres); Vehicle wheel spokes; Hubs for vehicle wheels; Turn signals for vehicles; Balance weights for vehicle wheels; Vehicle wheel rims; Doors for vehicles; Hoods for vehicles; Vehicle covers (shaped); Bodies for vehicles; Head-rests for vehicle seats; Windscreens; Windshield wipers; Anti-skid apparatus for vehicles; Windscreen wipers; Motor buses; Rearview mirrors; Vans (vehicles); Bumpers for automobiles; Trucks; Gearing for land vehicles; Driving chains for land vehicles; Transmission shafts for land vehicles; Reduction gears for land vehicles; Electric motors for land vehicles; Brakes for vehicles; Brake segments for vehicles; Turbines for land vehicles; Engines for land vehicles; Transmission chains for land vehicles; Clutches for land vehicles; Automobiles; Cars; Windows for vehicles; Vehicle chassis; Steering wheels for vehicles; Anti-theft alarms for vehicles; Anti-theft devices for vehicles; Vehicle bumpers; Horns for vehicles; Upholstery for vehicles; Motorcycles; Mudguards; Mopeds; Pedals for cycles; Boats; Cycle bells; Air vehicles; Vehicle tyres; Safety seats for children (for vehicles); Covers for baby carriages; Shopping trolleys (carts); Two-wheeled trolleys; Carts; Prams (baby carriages); Hoods for baby carriages; Baby carriages; Fitted footmuffs for baby carriages; Mobility scooters; Motor scooters; Pedal scooters; Two-wheeled vehicles; Bicycle bells; Bicycle brakes; Bicycle carriers; Bicycle chains; Bicycle frames; Bicycle handle bars; Bicycle pumps; Bicycle racks (carriers); Bicycle rims; Bicycle saddles; Bicycle seats; Bicycle spokes; Bicycle stabilisers; Bicycle stands; Bicycle tires (tyres); Bicycle wheel hubs; Bicycles; Bottle carriers for bicycles; Braking apparatus for bicycles; Braking installations for bicycles; Children's bicycles (for transport); Covers for bicycle saddles; Fittings for bicycles for carrying food; Fittings for bicycles for carrying luggage; Mountain bicycles; Pedal bicycles; Pumps for bicycles, cycles; Wheels for bicycles, cycles
Luggage carriers for attachment to vehicles; Luggage carriers for vehicles; Luggage nets for vehicles; Luggage racks for vehicles; Reverse motion alarms for vehicles; Reverse motion audible warning devices for vehicles; Reverse warning transmitters for use on vehicles; Reversing alarm transmitters utilising ultrasonics for use on vehicles; Reversing alarms for vehicles; Reversing electric alarm apparatus for vehicles; Reversing sensors and cameras (parts of vehicles); Reversing sound alarms for vehicles; Reversing warning alarms for use on vehicles; Reversing warning alarms for vehicles; Roll bars for vehicles; Roll cages for vehicles; Roof bars for vehicles; Roof boxes for vehicles; Roof cases for vehicles; Roof linings for vehicles; Roof racks for vehicles; Roof racks in the nature of load carriers for vehicles; Roof top carriers for vehicles; Ski carriers for use on vehicles; Snorkels for land vehicles (air intakes); Snow chains for motor vehicles; Snow chains for vehicle wheels; Storage boxes and containers adapted for permanent attachment to vehicles; Storage containers adapted for use in vehicles; Storage systems adapted for use in motor vehicles; Tow bars for vehicles; Towed vehicles; Towing apparatus for vehicles; Towing hitches of metal for vehicles; Towing hooks for vehicles; Towing pins of metal for vehicles; Trailer chassis for vehicles; Trailer couplings for vehicles; Trailer hitches for vehicles; Trailers (vehicles); Trailers for motor land vehicles; Underwater vehicles; Vehicle bumpers; Vehicle cabs; Vehicle chassis; Vehicle covers (fitted); Vehicle covers (shaped); Vehicle trailers