Goods for protection of motor vehicles, bodies of motor vehicles, motors and engines; hydraulic turbines, accelerator pedals, bearings, bonnets, bumpers, cylinders, cylinder blocks, chassis, clutch pedals, clutches for propulsion systems, fluid drives, spare wheel and tire covers, direction indicators, bearings, driving chains and belts, fitted feed pipes, brake blocks, linings and rubbers, gear levers, hood frames, textile hoods, bulb horns, electric horns, circuits for hydraulic or pneumatic systems, fan belts for engines, cam shaft chains, torque converters, hydraulic couplings, axles, wheels, wheel hubs, wheel rims, india-rubber tube connectors, india-rubber inner tubes and connections therefor, coach ironmongery, luggage holders and carriers, rear view mirrors, mudguards, mudguard brackets, pinions for starters, protective covers for springs, radiator shells and grills, running boards, shock absorbers, india-rubber buffers, anti-pollution devices, balance weights for wheels, silencers, spare wheel supports, spring shackles, steering gear housings, steering wheels, transmission chains and covers, pneumatic tires and tire pumps, free wheel couplings, torsion bars, universal joints for propulsion systems, valves for tires, reversing alarms, windscreens, caps for fuel and oil tanks, fuel and oil tanks, bodies, brakes, clutch linings, electric starting devices, gear boxes, gears, springs, fans, propulsion transmission mechanisms, cylinders, instrument panels, moldings of plastic, windscreen wipers and steering gears and parts of these goods; patching material for tires; windshields and shaped window glass; headrests for seats, seats and children's safety seats, shaped coverings for seats, luggage racks; all for the foregoing being parts or fittings for land, air or water vehicles
Golf carts; Golf carts being pedestrian controlled vehicles; Carts; Carts being motorised land vehicles; Electrically powered carts (trolleys); Go-carts (motorised); Hand carts; Handling carts; Tilting-carts; Trolleys (mobile carts); Drive motors for land vehicles; Driving motors for land vehicles; Electric drives for land vehicle motors; Electric drives for land vehicles; Electric driving motors for land vehicles; Electric gear shifting apparatus for land vehicle motors; Electric motors for land vehicles; Electric motors for propelling land vehicles; Electrical motors for land vehicles; Electrically powered land vehicles; Electrically powered motor vehicles; Electrically powered vehicles; Engines for land vehicles; Engines for motor land vehicles; Geared electric motors for land vehicles; Land motor vehicles; Motor drive units for land vehicles; Motor vehicles; Motorised land vehicles for golf use; Motors, electric, for land vehicles; Scooters (vehicles); Self-propelled loading vehicles; Self-propelled vehicles; Two-wheeled vehicles; Tyres for two-wheeled vehicles; Wheeled vehicles; Electrically powered trolleys; Golf bag trolleys; Golf trolleys; Hand propelled trolleys; Two-wheeled trolleys; Wheeled carriers for golfing use; Non-automotive wheeled apparatus for land locomotion; Tires for the wheels of self propelled machines; Tires for vehicle wheels; Tires, solid, for vehicle wheels; Tyres for motor vehicle wheels; Wheeled carriers; Wheeled luggage carriers; Motor scooters; Electric motors for apparatus for locomotion by land; Electric motors for wheelchairs; Go-karts (motorised); Motor driven chairs; Motorscooters