Engines and motors for land vehicles; automobile and land vehicle parts, components, equipment, apparatus and accessories including anti-dazzle and anti-glare devices, anti-skid chains, anti-theft alarms and devices, bodies and body components, automobile chains, chassis and frames, hoods, tyres, axles and axle journals, balance weights for wheels, bands for wheel hubs, brake linings, shoes callipers and segments, brakes, bumpers, caps for vehicle petrol tanks, clutches, connecting rods, crankcases, direction signals, doors, driving chains, driving motors, elevating tailgates, freewheels, gearboxes, gearing, engine hoods, cowlings and covers, head-rests, horns, hub caps, hydraulic circuits, inner tubes and inner tube repair kits, luggage carriers for vehicles, luggage nets for vehicles, mudguards, non-skid devices, panniers adapted for cycles, rearview mirrors, reversing alarms, wheel rims, safety belts, seat covers, steering wheel covers, seatbelt covers, security harnesses, shaped vehicle covers, shock absorbers, shock absorbing springs, steering wheels, sun-blinds, sun visors for vehicles, sunshades for vehicles, torque converters, torsion bars, trailer hitches, transmission chains, transmission shafts, transmissions, turbines, upholstery, air bags, air pumps, running boards, safety restraints, including seats for children, seats, wheels, windows, windscreen wipers, windscreens and windshields; trailers; propulsion mechanisms for land vehicles; tipping bodies and apparatus for lorries, trucks and wagons; traction engines; spare parts and components for all of the foregoing; parts and accessories for mopeds, motorcycles and motor scooters; parts and accessories for vehicles for locomotion by land, air, water or rail
Engines for land vehicles, engines for motorcycles; land vehicles, apparatus for locomotion by land, air or water, automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, motorcycles, mopeds, anti-theft devices for vehicles, cycles; horns, tires, crutches, tubeless tires, frames, inner tubes, brakes, mudguards, handlebars, rims, motors and engines, pedals, solid tires for vehicle wheels, spokes, wheels, luggage carriers, saddles for or of motorbikes, motorcycles or bicycles; electric vehicles, sidecars, safety seats for children, seat covers for vehicles or for motorcycles or for saddles of motorcycles or bicycles, trailers (vehicles), rearview mirrors, hoods for vehicles, gear boxes for land vehicles; non-skid devices for vehicle tires, vehicle chassis, tires for vehicle wheels, shock absorbing springs for vehicles, suspension shock absorbers for vehicles, anti-theft alarms for vehicles, horns for vehicles, soft tops for vehicles, hydraulic circuits for vehicles, anti-glare devices for vehicles, brakes for vehicles, vehicle covers [shaped], direction signals for vehicles, wheel rims and hubs for vehicle wheels, vehicle bumpers, vehicle wheel tires, vehicle wheels, vehicle seats, windows for vehicles, steering wheels and handlebars for vehicles, motors and engines for land vehicles, gear boxes for land vehicles, shafts and transmission mechanisms for land vehicles, safety belts for vehicle seats; components of vehicles (except locks of metal or not of metal, electric or non-electric, number plates of metal or not of metal, components of engines, engines other than those for land vehicles, electric locks, speed indicators, heating, air-conditioning and lighting devices)