Arm rests for vehicles; axles for vehicles; body panels for vehicles; body parts for vehicles; bodywork parts for vehicles; brake cables for vehicles; bumper guards of metal for vehicles; bumpers for vehicles; camshafts for land vehicles; chassis parts for road vehicles; clutch components for land vehicle (other than linings); clutch levers for land vehicles; clutches for land vehicles; coachwork for motor vehicles; connecting rods for land vehicles, other than parts of motors and engines; crankcases for land vehicle components (other than for engines); crankcases for land vehicles (other than for engines); cranks (parts of land vehicles); differential gear mechanisms for land vehicles; differential transmissions for land vehicles; differentials for land vehicles; direction indicators for land vehicles; direction signals for land vehicles; disc brake friction pads for vehicle braking systems; doors for vehicles; driving motors for land vehicles; electric horns for vehicles; fabricated safety glass windows for vehicles; filler caps for vehicle fuel tanks; gear assemblies for land vehicles; gear boxes for land vehicles; gear cases for land vehicles; gear change knobs for land vehicles; gear couplings for land vehicles; gear lever knobs for land vehicles; horns for vehicles; hydraulic brake pressure regulators for vehicles; interior coverings for vehicles; interior fittings (trim) for vehicles; interior panels for vehicles; mechanical gearings for land vehicles; mechanical power transmitting mechanisms for land vehicles; mechanical transmissions for land vehicles; metal hoses for use in hydraulic systems in vehicles; mirrors (rearview) for vehicles; mud flaps for vehicles; mudguards for vehicles; ornamental hub caps for vehicles; ornamental wheel covers for vehicles; panels for vehicle bodies (finished products); panels for vehicle bodies (shaped); petrol caps for vehicles; petrol tanks for vehicles; radiator grills of metal for vehicles; radiator grills of non-metallic materials for vehicles; seat belts for use in vehicles; shaped glass for vehicles; shock absorbers for vehicle suspension; starters for land vehicles; steering columns for vehicles; steering devices for vehicles (other than automatic); steering joints for vehicles; steering linkages for vehicles; steering racks for vehicles; steering wheels for vehicles; suspension ball joints for vehicles; suspension installations for vehicles; suspension parts for vehicles; suspension shock absorbers for vehicles; suspension systems for vehicles; suspensions for vehicles; torsion bars for vehicles; transmission apparatus for land vehicles; transmission bearings for land vehicles; transmission components for land vehicles; tyres for land vehicles; vehicle bodywork; vehicle brake discs; vehicle brake pads; vehicle brake shoes; vehicle bumpers; vehicle chassis; vehicle disc brakes; vehicle interiors; vehicle mirrors; vehicle suspension springs; vehicle suspensions; vehicle tyres; vehicle wheel rims; vehicle wheels; vehicle windows manufactured from glass; vehicle windows manufactured from laminated glass; vehicle windows manufactured from safety glass; vehicle windows manufactured from tinted glass; vehicle windscreens; vehicle windshields; vinyl roofs for vehicles
Armoured land vehicles; Automotive land vehicles; Automotive vehicles; Brakes for vehicles; Camping vehicles; Chassis of vehicles; Coil springs for vehicle suspensions; Combustion engines for land vehicles; Commercial vehicles; Diesel engines for land vehicles; Differentials for land vehicles; Drive belting for land vehicles; Drive chains for driving land vehicles; Drive motors for land vehicles; Drive shafts for land vehicles; Drive transmissions for land vehicles; Drive units for land vehicles; Ejector seats for vehicles; Electric vehicles; Electrically powered vehicles; Engines for land vehicles; Engines for motor land vehicles; Gear boxes for land vehicles; Gun racks adapted for attachment to land vehicles; Hardtops (roofs) for vehicles; Industrial land vehicles; Industrial vehicles; Internal combustion engines for land vehicles; Internal combustion motors for land vehicles; Jet engines for land vehicles; Land automotive vehicles; Land motor vehicles; Land vehicles; Load carrying vehicles; Luggage carriers for vehicles; Mechanical gearings for land vehicles; Mechanical transmissions for land vehicles; Motor drive mechanisms for land vehicles; Motor land vehicle engines; Motor land vehicles; Motor vehicles; Motors for land vehicles; Motors, electric, for land vehicles; Off-road vehicles; Passenger carrying vehicles; Passenger motor vehicles; Power trains for land vehicles; Power transmissions for land vehicles; Powered vehicles for use on land; Propulsion mechanisms for land vehicles; Remote controlled vehicles; Remotely operated vehicles; Ride-on vehicles for children; Road vehicles (for transportation); Rocket motor driven vehicles; Roll bars for vehicles; Roll cages for vehicles; Roof racks for vehicles; Safety harnesses for vehicle seats; Scooters (vehicles); Seat belts for use in vehicles; Seats for vehicles; Shock absorbers for vehicles; Snow vehicles; Space vehicles; Suspension apparatus for vehicles; Suspension systems for vehicles; Tow bars for vehicles; Tracked vehicles; Trailers (vehicles); Transmission devices for land vehicles; Two-wheeled vehicles; Unmanned vehicles; Utility vehicles; Vehicle seat belts; Vehicle seating; Vehicle suspensions; Vehicle trailers; Vehicle tyres; Vehicles for travel by land; Vehicles for use in mines; Vehicles utilising electric motors; Wheels for vehicles
Armored vehicles; Armoured vehicles; Bodies for vehicles; Body restraint devices for use in vehicles; Bodywork linings for vehicles; Buffers for attachment to vehicles or watercraft; Caissons (vehicles); Chassis of vehicles; Commercial vehicles; Components for the outer bodies of vehicles; Concrete mixing vehicles; Container vehicles; Cranes, lifts and hoists, including for tow trucks (parts of land vehicles); Land vehicles; Land vehicles incorporating apparatus for the lifting loads; Land vehicles incorporating apparatus for the mechanical handling of loads; Land vehicles incorporating lifting apparatus; Land vehicles incorporating loading apparatus; Land vehicles incorporating mechanisms for handling goods; Land vehicles incorporating mechanisms for handling material; Load carrying (lifting) attachments for motor vehicles; Military vehicles for transport; Motorised military vehicles for the transport of weapons; Motorised military vehicles for the transportation and launch of weapons; Off-road vehicles; Refuse collection vehicles; Road vehicles (for transportation); Rocket launching platforms (vehicles); Self-loading vehicles; Structural parts for vehicles; Superstructures of vehicles; Tankers (land vehicles); Tarpaulins adapted (shaped) for use with vehicles; Tipping bodies for vehicles; Trailers (vehicles); Transporting vehicles; Trays adapted for motor vehicles; Undercarriages for vehicles; Vehicles; Vehicles adapted for military purposes; Vehicles for industrial use; Vehicles for the tipping loads; Vehicles for use in carrying armaments; Vehicles for use in handling skips; Vehicles for use in lifting skips; Vehicles for use in loading skips; Vehicles for use in mines; Vehicles for use in quarries; Vehicles for use in the transport of goods; Vehicles for use in transporting skips; Vehicles for use in unloading skips; Vehicles for use on land; Vehicles for use on landfill sites; Vehicles incorporating apparatus for dumping; Vehicles incorporating apparatus for load carrying; Vehicles incorporating apparatus for loading; Vehicles incorporating apparatus for tipping; Vehicles incorporating bucket loaders; Vehicles incorporating cranes; Vehicles incorporating digging shovels; Vehicles incorporating grabs; Vehicles incorporating handling apparatus; Vehicles incorporating hoisting apparatus; Vehicles incorporating lifting apparatus; Vehicles incorporating scoops; Vehicles incorporating skips; Weapon carriage apparatus for installation on land vehicles; Weapon carriage apparatus for installation on military vehicles; Weapon release apparatus for installation on land vehicles