Sun tanning appliances; Sanitary installations, water supply and sanitation equipment; Water purification, desalination and conditioning installations; Sterilization, disinfection and decontamination equipment; Sanitary and bathroom installations and plumbing fixtures; Decorative fountains, sprinkler and irrigation systems; Steam baths, saunas and spas; Burners, boilers and heaters; Vehicle lighting and lighting reflectors; Food and beverage cooking, heating, cooling and treatment equipment; Fireplaces, domestic; Filters for industrial and household use; Industrial treatment installations; Gas cleaners and purifiers; Industrial ovens and furnaces (not for food or beverages); Chemical processing equipment; Industrial installations for the filtration of liquids; Installations for the collection of gases; Installations for the collection of liquids; Installations for the separation of impurities from molten metals; Bioreactors for clarifying industrial waste water; Apparatus for draining food waste; Drying installations; Refrigerating and freezing equipment; Regulating and safety accessories for water and gas installations; Nuclear installations; Igniters; Parts and accessories for all the aforesaid goods, included in this class; Apparatus for steam generating, cooking, refrigerating, water supply and sanitary purposes; Anti-splash tap nozzles; Aquarium filtration apparatus; Aquarium heaters; Lamps for aquaria; Barbecues; Bath fittings and installations; Heaters for baths; Bed warmers; Beverage cooling apparatus; Bicycle lights; electrical coverlets; Boilers, namely heating boilers and kettles; Toasters; Electrically heated carpets; Lights, electric, for Christmas trees; Aquarium lights; Electric coffee filters; Electric coffee brewers; Coffee percolators; Coffee roasters; Refrigerating containers; Cookers; Cooking apparatus and installations; Cooking utensils, electric; Cooling installations for liquids and water; Cooling installations for tobacco; Heating cushions (pads), electric, not for medical purposes; Dampers (heating); Electric deep fryers; Disinfectant apparatus; Disinfectant distributors for toilets; Distillation apparatus; Hair driers (dryers); Filters for drinking water; drying apparatus for fodder; Heaters, electric, for feeding bottles; Flushing apparatus; Decorative water fountains; Freezers; Fruit roasters; Gas lighters; Griddles; Grills; Hand drying apparatus for washrooms; Heating plates; Hot water bottles; Luminous house numbers; Humidifiers; Ice boxes; Ice machines and apparatus; Electric kettles; Laundry dryers, electric; Microwave ovens; Milk cooling installations; Mixer taps for water pipes; Plate warmers; Pocket warmers; Electric pressure cooking saucepans; Pressure water tanks; Electric heaters; Refrigerating cabinets; Cold storage rooms; Refrigerating apparatus; Roasters; Roasting devices; Roasting jacks; Roasting spits; Rotisseries; Lava rocks for use in barbecue grills; Shower stalls; Showers; Sink units; Solar collectors (heating); Bathroom sinks; seats (toilet -); Toilet seat covers being toilet seat lids; Toilets, portable; Urinals (sanitary fixtures); Waffle irons, electric; Warming pans; Wash-hand basins (parts of sanitary installations); Hot water apparatus; Water purifying apparatus and machines; Water sterilizers; Anti-glare devices for automobiles (lamp fittings); Anti-glare devices for vehicles (lamp fittings); Arc lamps; Autoclaves (electric pressurecookers); Bathtubs; Friction lighters for igniting gas; Automobile lights; Lights for vehicles; Stoves; Stoves (heating apparatus); Rice cookers; Exhaust hoods for kitchens; Bath plumbing fixtures; Tanning apparatus (sun beds); Bread-making machines; Blankets, electric, not for medical purposes; Apparatus for dehydrating food waste; Defrosters; Heating installations; Heating apparatus for defrosting vehicle windows; Reflectors for vehicles; Vehicle headlamps; Filters (parts of household or industrial installations); Footwarmers, electric or non-electric; Gas burners; Gas boilers; Apparatus for the purification of gases; Steam facial apparatus (saunas); Water heaters; Heating elements; Radiator caps; Radiators (heating); Electric yoghurt makers; Humidifiers for central heating radiators; Sauna bath installations; Diving lights; Immersion heaters; Water softening installations and apparatus; Whirlpool-jet apparatus; Fragrance burners; Griddle plates; Deodorising apparatus for dispensing scents in vehicles; All the aforesaid goods included in class 11; Socks, electrically heated; Air valves for steam heating installations; Sewage purification installations; Brackets for gas burners; Ash pits for furnaces; Ash conveyor installations, automatic; Expansion tanks for central heating installations; Bath fittings; Framework of metal for ovens; Fountains; Swimming pool chlorinating apparatus; Chromatography apparatus for industrial purposes; Steam accumulators; Deodorising apparatus, not for personal use; Refining towers for distillation; Distillation columns; Desalination plants; Filters for air conditioning; Water filtering apparatus; Kiln furniture (supports); Gas condensers, other than parts of machines; Gas scrubbers (parts of gas installations); Taps (faucets); Feeding apparatus for heating boilers; Flues for heating boilers; Boiler pipes (tubes) for heating installations; Ionization apparatus for the treatment of air or water; Electric coffee percolators; Processing installations for nuclear fuel and nuclear moderating material; Nuclear reactors; Water-pipes for sanitary installations; Baths (Spa -) (vessels); Level controlling valves in tanks; Oven fittings made of fireclay; Fire bars; Oil-scrubbing apparatus; Polymerisation installations; Fumigation apparatus, not for medical purposes; Regulating and safety accessories for gas apparatus; Regulating and safety accessories for gas pipes; Regulating and safety accessories for water apparatus; Regulating accessories for water or gas apparatus and pipes; Water purifying installations; Taps (cocks, spigots) (faucets (Am.)) for pipes; Coils (parts of distilling, heating or cooling installations); Safety accessories for water or gas apparatus and pipes; Sterilisers; Valves (Thermostatic -) (parts of heating installations); Drip irrigation emitters (irrigation fittings); Washers for water taps; Mechanisms for controlling fluid level in tanks (valves); Heat accumulators; Water softening apparatus and installations; Waffle irons, electric; Toasters; Fireplaces, domestic; Igniters; Distillation apparatus; Aquarium filtration apparatus; Desalination plants; Igniters
Sun tanning appliances; filters for industrial and household use; heating, ventilating, and air conditioning and purification equipment (ambient); wastewater treatment installations for industrial use; nuclear installations; fireplaces, domestic; drying installations; sanitary installations, water supply and sanitation equipment; regulating and safety accessories for water and gas installations; personal heating and drying implements; food and beverage cooking, heating, cooling and treatment equipment; refrigerating and freezing equipment; industrial drying installations; industrial dishdrying machines; refrigerated compressed air dryers; gas operated devices used in drying; drying apparatus for fodder and forage; futon driers [for household purposes]; electric laundry dryers for household purposes; electric clothes dryers [heat drying]; laundry dryers, electric; electric clothes drying machines for household use; electric dryers for laundry use [heat drying]; electric drying apparatus for household purposes; electric shoe dryers for household purposes; electrically heated towel rails; electric shoe dryers; electric towel warmers; electric dish drying machines for household purposes; electrically operated devices used in drying; steam driers; garment steamers; heated towel drying rails; heated towel rails; automatic linen driers; fitted fabric covers for garment steamer heads; extraction hoods for fodder driers; ovens utilising air frequency fields for drying purposes; clothes drying installations [heat drying]; clothes drying apparatus [heat drying]; clothes dryers; tumblers [heat dryers] for laundry use; animal feed drying apparatus; harvest drying apparatus; chemical fiber drying apparatus; drier cabinets; electrically heated drying shelves; drying apparatus and installations; desiccating apparatus; drying machines for agriculture; tumble dryers [heat dryers]; plywood drying machines; mobile drying apparatus [heat drying]; gas laundry drying machines; apparatus f; or drying; driers (air -); air bars for use in dryers; circulators [water heaters]; cylinders for the heating of water; vortex inhibitors; water cisterns; water intake apparatus; water distribution installations; water supply installations; water dispensers; laundry room boilers; water control valves for water cisterns; water control valves; water mixing appliances; water conduits installations; water cooling towers; water coolers; water treatment units for aerating and circulating water; hot water heating installations; water cooling installations; hot water cylinders; hot water boilers; heaters for sink water; water heaters for shower baths; water heaters [apparatus]; hot water apparatus; hot water installations; valves being parts of sprinkler systems; drinking water supply apparatus; drinking water supply installations; filters for drinking water; portable foot baths; toilet bowls and seats sold as a unit; solar thermal collectors [heating]; temperature control valves [parts of water supply installations]; cistern levers; cisterns; spray units being parts of water supply installations; chilled purified water dispensers; swimming pool heaters; fumigation apparatus, not for medical purposes; coils [parts of distilling, heating or cooling installations]; air purgers for use with water distribution installations; chambers (clean -) [sanitary installations]; air purgers for use with water supply installations; water filtration bottles sold empty; boilers for hot water supply installations; hydrants; hydrants for water supply; water heaters and boilers; hot water heaters; aquarium heaters; cistern lever handles; shampoo bowls; ionic water generators; gas boilers for water heating; gas boilers for the heating of swimming pools; gas fired boilers for producing domestic hot water; gas fired back boiler units for domestic hot water systems; filter elements for the overflows of water supply tanks; filter elements for the air vents of water supply tanks; filters for use wit; h apparatus for sanitary purposes; strainers for water lines; filters for use with apparatus for water supply; filters for sanitary water distribution apparatus; electric water heating apparatus; electrically heated hot water tanks; electric boilers; shower screens; pressure water tanks; appliances for water distribution [automatic]; watering installations, automatic; automatic watering installations for pigs; automatic watering installations for cattle; automatic watering installations for plants; automatic watering apparatus for livestock; automatic watering installations for poultry; terminal water supply fittings; installations for heating swimming pools; fitted liners for hot tubs; decorative fountains, sprinkler and irrigation systems; water purification, desalination and conditioning installations; sterilization, disinfection and decontamination equipment; sanitary and bathroom installations and plumbing fixtures; steam baths, saunas and spas; flues and installations for conveying exhaust gases; igniters; lighting and lighting reflectors; burners, boilers and heaters; vehicle lighting and lighting reflectors; accent lights for indoor use; installations for lighting christmas trees; fluorescent lighting apparatus; light-emitting diodes [led] lighting apparatus; lighting devices for showcases; lighting apparatus; lighting armatures; lighting apparatus and installations; film stage lighting apparatus; lighting for display purposes; lighting installations; plant grow lights; illuminated push-buttons; lighting being for use with security systems; lighting for ponds; lights for music stands; aquarium lights; battery powered fluorescent emergency lighting units; aquarium lamps; suspension rails [not electrified] for electrical lighting fixtures; automatic flushing installations for urinals; outdoor lighting; outdoor lighting fittings; battery powered incandescent emergency lighting units; decorative lighting for christmas trees; decorative lights; roof lights [lamps; ]; downlights; ceiling lights; hanging ceiling lamps; uplighters; christmas tree ornaments for illumination [electric lights]; portable paper lanterns (chochin); chemiluminescent light sticks; stage lighting apparatus; strings of coloured lights for decorative purposes; book lights; lighting fixtures for commercial use; indoor fluorescent lighting fixtures; lamps; flat panel lighting apparatus; lighting tracks [lighting apparatus]; flexible lamps; searchlights; arc lamps; arc lamps [lighting fixtures]; lighting fixtures for household use; organic light emitting diodes (OLED) lighting devices; lighting apparatus incorporating optical fibers; electric fiber lighting apparatus; electric candelabras; electric indoor lighting installations; electric hand lamps [other than for photographic use]; electric incandescent lamps; light bulbs, electric; electric holiday lights; discharge tubes, electric, for lighting; lights, electric, for Christmas trees; electric track lighting units; electrical lighting fixtures for use in hazardous locations; decorative lighting sets; decorative gas lighting sets; decorative gas lighting; decorative electric lighting apparatus; diffusers being parts of lighting installations; mirror balls being lighting fittings; photocells (security lighting operated by -); dome lights for furniture; outdoor electrical lighting fixtures; electrical lighting fixtures; electric light fittings; indoor electrical lighting fixtures; electrical discharge lighting fixtures; indoor fluorescent electrical lighting fittings; filters for use with lamps; filters for stage lighting; filters for use with lighting apparatus; fiber optic lighting installations; fixed underwater lighting installations for swimming pools; sockets for electric lights; fixtures for incandescent light bulbs; fiber optic lighting fixtures; color filters for lighting apparatus; bicycle reflectors; flaming torches; light discharge tubes; high intensity discharge luminaires; discharge lamps; electr; ic fairy lights; electric night lights; electric torches; light sources of electro luminescence; flourescent electric light bulbs; electric candles; electric lamps; electrical lamps for indoor lighting; electrical lamps for outdoor lighting; electric chinese lanterns; electric lights for festive decorations; miners' lamps; incandescent light bulbs; incandescent lamps and their fittings; incandescent lamps for optical instruments; light bulbs for gas-discharge lamps; incandescent lamps; filaments for electric lamps; incandescent lighting fixtures; incandescent burners; headlamp bulbs; light bulbs; glass covers for lamps; glass covers being fittings for lamps for sun lamps; counterweight fittings for pendant lamps; gas lamps; electric discharge lamps; garden lighting; curling lamps; freestanding paper lanterns; floodlights; fluorescent lamp tubes; flange light fittings; flameless light-emitting diode candles; flameless candles; filters for use with torches; chandeliers; inspection lights; compact fluorescent light bulbs; combined lighting and ultraviolet apparatus; braziers; carbon for arc lamps; penlights; candle lamps; candle lanterns; germicidal lamps; map lights for vehicles; map lights; klieg lights; japanese paper lanterns; infrared lamps, not for medical purposes; infrared lamps; lighting fittings; pendant fluorescent lighting fixtures; high intensity search lights; luminous discharge lamps; helmet lights; handheld spotlights; inspection lamps; halogen lamps; halogen light bulbs; lamp finials; lamp bases; lampshade holders; table lamp (lampshades for -); lamp shades; shades for light sources; lamp chimneys; lamp globes; lamp holders; lamp casings; lamp glasses; burners for lamps; lamps for tents; lamps for electrical installations; lamps fitted with extendible supports; lamps for outdoor use; lamp fixtures; light assemblies; lamps for Christmas trees; louvres for light deflection; louvres for light control; laboratory lamps; chandelier pendants; lamps for festi; ve decoration; lights for track mounting; lights for gas-discharge lamps; lights for external installation; luminaires; LED lighting installations; reading lights; lamp posts; lanterns made of ceramics; lanterns; lanterns for lighting; laser light projectors; Chinese lanterns; lamp chimneys made of glass; lighting ornaments [fittings]; led underwater lights; led flashlights; led mood lights; led lighting fixtures; led lighting assemblies for illuminated signs; led light bulbs; led landscape lights; led luminaires; led light machines; led safety lamps; miniature light bulbs; magnesium filaments for lighting; flashlight pointers; light diffusers; opaque casings for lights; light sources [other than for photographic or medical use]; light projectors; lighting panels; light bars; strings of coloured lights; fairy lights for festive decoration; strings of lights; glow sticks; fluorescent lighting tubes; lighted disco balls; luminous cables for lighting purposes; illuminant lamps for projectors; luminous tubes for lighting; light tubes being parts of insect killing apparatus; fluorescent lamps; fluorescent lamps with low ultra-violet light output; luminous house numbers; emergency lighting installations; fish-luring lights; luminaires for security use; oil lamps; security lighting incorporating a heat activated sensor; security lighting; self-luminous light sources; desk lamps; spot lights for household illumination; reflector lamps; reflectors for light deflection; reflectors for light control; lamp reflectors; reflectors for wide area lighting fixtures; computer controlled lighting apparatus; chimneys for oil lamps; mercury lamps; projector lamps; cord pendants [light fittings]; emergency lighting; neon lamps for illumination; nail lamps; bedside lamps; night lights [other than candles]; mobile light towers; solar powered torches; solar powered lamps; table lamps; diving lights; flashlight bulbs; flashlights utilising electric rechargeable devices; search lights; studio; lamps; strobe lights [decorative]; strobe lights [light effects]; stroboscopic lamps [decorative]; stroboscopic lamps [light effects]; strobe lights for discos; roadlights; installations for street lighting; bases adapted for the mounting of lamps; safety lamps for underground use; bases for non-electric lamps; pedestal lamps; floor lamps; standard lamps; standing paper lanterns [andon]; mood lights; spotlights; safety lamps; security lighting incorporating an infra-red activated sensor; security lighting incorporating a movement activated sensor; wall lights (fittings for -) [other than switches]; xenon arc lamps; rechargeable torches; Christmas lights [other than candles]; washstand lamps; wall lights; sconces [electric light fixtures]; full spectrum light sources; display lighting; vacuum lamps; ultraviolet ray lamps, not for medical purposes; ultra-violet irradiators; UV halogen metal vapour lamps; portable hand lamps [for illumination]; portable lamps [for illumination]; portable paper lanterns; portable search lamps; air deodorizing apparatus.