Equipment and instruments for heating, lighting, cooling, cooking, drying, refrigerating, freezing, sanitising, ventilating, filtering, purifying, deodorising, evaporating and sterilising; beverage cooling apparatus; water coolers; ice-makers; ice boxes; drying apparatus; laundry dryers; electrically heated cushions and blankets, not for medical purposes; toasting apparatus; clothes drying apparatus; baths; bidets; light bulbs; electric coffee percolators; electric heaters for baby bottles; showers; lighters; lanterns; sinks; taps; lamps; lavatories; oil lamps; lamp shades; lamp bases; torches; outdoor lighting; electric blankets [not for medical use]; hair drying appliances; toilet bowls; water filtration and filtering apparatus and installations; water purification apparatus and installations; water softening apparatus and installations; electric pressure cookers; electric slow cookers and cookpans; hot plates/hot stone cookers; griddle plates; fondue sets, being apparatus for heating cheese and chocolate; foot and facial spas; whirl pool baths; cooking hobs; food warmers; ovens; microwave ovens; popcorn maker; electric dehydrators; tea makers; rice cookers; expresso coffee machines and coffee percolators and filter machines; toasters; electrical saucepans, pancake, hot-dog, sandwich and waffle makers; deep fat fryers; beverage cooling apparatus; kettles; toasters; apparatus for steaming foodstuffs; bread making apparatus; electric woks; sandwich makers; table top grills; food warmers; plate warmers; barbecues; fire pits; rotisseries; electric yoghurt makers; bottle warmers, not electric; parts and fittings included in this class for all the aforesaid goods
Equipment and installations for heating, ventilating and steam generating and components thereof, included in this class; air-conditioning installations and apparatus; refrigerating apparatus; drying installations; heat accumulators; air filtering installations; air filters for ventilation, air conditioning and air treatment apparatus; filters for air conditioning apparatus; devices for humidifying air; dehumidifiers; air driers; ventilation [air-conditioning] apparatus and installations; ventilation, air-conditioning, air purifying, heat recovery, humidifying and dehumidifying systems, equipment and installations; radiators; heating/cooling radiators; convectors; convectors for heating and cooling; flat radiators; ceiling heating panels; towel driers; solar collectors [heating] and solar heating systems; heat generating installations consisting of solar collectors; heat exchangers other than parts of machines; exhaust gas, air, hot water and systems exchangers; heat exchangers other than parts of machines; heat regenerators; heat/moisture exchangers (enthalpy exchangers); heat accumulators in particular hot water cylinders; pressurized water tanks; hot water boilers; electric heating equipment and installations, electric heating cartridges and refills; electric cooling apparatus and installations; electric cooling cartridges and electric cooling refills; fans, in particular exhaust gas fans, sound dampers as components of systems and ventilation ducts; parts and components of the goods included in this class.