Blankets, electric, not for medical purposes; charcoal grills; chocolate fountains, electric; coffee machines, electric; coffee percolators, electric; deep fat fryers; deep fryer, electric; deep fryers, electric; electric blankets for household purposes; electric blankets not for medical purposes; electric coffee pots; electric coffee brewers; electric coffee machines; electric coffee makers; electric coffee percolators; electric coffee roasters; electric deep fryers; electric espresso machines; electric French presses; electric kettles; electric kettles for household purposes; electric panini grills; electric panini makers; electric panini presses; electric samovars; electric sandwich makers; electric sandwich toasters; electric skillets; electric tea pots; electric toaster ovens; electric tea kettles; hair dryers; hair dryers for beauty salon use; hair dryers for household purposes; heaters for vehicles; humidifiers; humidifiers for household purposes; humidifiers for household use; industrial deep fryers; kettles, electric; air humidifying apparatus; baking ovens; barbecue grills; bathroom heaters; ceramic stoves; combination steamers and ovens; cooking ovens; cooking stoves; electric hair dryers; electric heaters for commercial use; electric stoves; electric beverage heaters; electric cooking ovens; electric cooking stoves; electric food steamers; electric food warmers; electric food warmers in the nature of convertible stainless steel electric warming tray and which also features a buffet server in the nature of steam tables for food serving with temperature controller, LED indicator light, and a safety handle that maintains a cool temperature; electric indoor grills; electric outdoor grills; electric vegetable steamers; food steamers, electric; hand-held electric hair dryers; hot water heaters; immersion heaters; portable stoves; portable electric heaters; programmable electronic devices for setting temperatures and cook times which also feature recipes, sold as a component of gas cooking ovens, electric cooking ovens and electric deep fryers; water heaters.