Polycarbonate; calcium superphosphate (fertilizers), superphosphates (fertilizers), copper (fertilizers), silicate (fertilizers), wollastonite (fertilizers), manganese (fertilizers), methane phosphate (fertilizers), molybdenum (fertilizers), by-product calcium hydroxide (powder) (fertilizers), by-product basic potassium (fertilizers), boric acid (fertilizers), boron fertilizers (fertilizers), calcium oxide (fertilizers), dolomitic limestone powder (fertilizers), limestone powder (fertilizers), nitrogenous lime (manure), calcium hydroxide (fertilizers), calcined potassium (fertilizers), calcined calcium silicate (fertilizers), calcined phosphate (fertilizers), slag (fertilizers), zinc (fertilizers), aqueous ammonia (fertilizers), ammonium chloride (fertilizers), potassium chloride (fertilizers), chloridation lime (fertilizers), slow effect nitrogenous fertilizer, urea (fertilizers), fused superphosphate (fertilizers), fused phosphate (fertilizers), potassium sulphate (fertilizers), ammonium sulphate (fertilizers), phosphate (fertilizers), double or triple superphosphate (fertilizers), potassium bicarbonate (fertilizers), chile saltpeter (fertilizers), nitrogenous fertilizers, iron (fertilizers), sodium nitrate (fertilizers), ammonium nitrate (fertilizers), calcium syanamide (fertilizers), thomas phosphate (fertilizers), special ingredient fertilizers, shell lime powder (fertilizers), sulfuric acid magnesia (fertilizers), zinc sulfate (fertilizers), bone meal (fertilizers), farmyard manure, guano (manures), sesame oil cake (fertilizers), peanut oil cake (fertilizers), beer sludge (fertilizers), cottonseed oil cake (fertilizers), rice bran oil cake (fertilizers), humus top dressing (fertilizers), leaf mold (fertilizers), rotten and aging hulls of grain (fertilizers), human excrement (manures), rapid effect fertilizer, amino acid fermentation by-product (manures), ricinus communis oil cake (manures), chaff (manures), silkworm oil cake (manures), double-product leather meal (manures),; old tobacco (manures), plant ash (manures), seeds oil cake (manures), moss for natural manures, livestock waste manures, sawdust (manures), peat (fertilizers), compost, marine fertilizers, mixed organic fertilizers, mixed oil cake (fertilizers), mixed fertilizers, complex fertilizers, artificial plant- cultivation soil, arrowroot flour for industrial purposes, potato flour for industrial purposes, sweet potato flour for industrial purposes, green perilla flour for industrial purposes, buckwheat flour for industrial purposes, wheat flour for industrial purposes, barley flour for industrial purposes, rice flour for industrial purposes, corn flour for industrial purposes, adlay flour, for industrial purposes, soybean flour for industrial purposes, tapioca flour for industrial purposes, uncleaned rice flour for industrial purposes, caustic alkali, gallotannic acid, salts for galvanic cells, caustic soda for industrial purposes, dioxide of hydrogen, citric acid for industrial purposes, salts of precious metals for industrial purposes, glycerine for industrial purposes, boric acid for industrial purposes, cobalt oxide for industrial purposes, ammonia for industrial purposes, salts for industrial purposes, iodine for industrial purposes, alkaline iodides for industrial purposes, titanium dioxide for industrial purposes, magnetic fluid for industrial purposes, acetates (chemicals) for industrial purposes, sea water (for industrial purposes), perborate of soda, perchlorates, percarbonates, persulphuric acid, persulphates, aluminium silicate, silicates, silicon, gold salts, sodium, sodium salts (chemical preparations), neon, manganate, mineral acids, anhydrous ammonia, barium compounds, double salts, fluorine, fluorspar compounds, hydrofluoric acid, borax, borates, lead arsenate, arsenic, sorrel salt, oxygen, lithium oxide, mercuric oxide, antimony oxide, lead oxides, uranium oxide, zirconia, chromium oxide, caesium, soda ash, aluminium hydrate, calcium hydroxides, carbonic h; ydrates, hydrogen, mercury salts, sulphonic acids, cyanates, cyanides (prussiates), argon, arsenious acid, astatine, sulphurous acid, alumina, aluminium alum, alkaline metals, salts of alkaline metals, alkalies, alkaline-earth metals, ammonium salts, ammonia alum, ammoniacal salts, compressed air, liquid air, soft water, hydrochloric acid, hydrochlorates, chlorine, chlorates, magnesium chloride, lime chloride, aluminium chloride, sal ammoniac, sal ammoniac spirits, palladious chlorides, iodic acid, aluminum iodide, iodised salts, sulphates, sulphides, sulphur, silver salt solutions for silvering, manganese dioxide, carbon dioxide, bichloride of tin, phosphorus, phosphoric acid, nitric monoxide, heavy water, bichromate of soda, chromic salts, bichromate of potassium, bicarbonate of potassium, baryta, distilled water, salpetre, nitric acid, nitrates, silver nitrate, nitrogen, hypochlorite of soda, hyposulphites, iron salts, lead acetate, lime acetate, sodium nitrate, amyl acetate, aluminum acetate, ammonium nitrate, kainite, potassium, calcium salts, chrome alum, chromic acid, chromates, chrome salts, krypton, xenon, carbonic acid, magnesium carbonate, lime carbonate, carbonates, potash, carbon, carbides, calcium carbide, tungstic acid, ferrocyanides, haloids, halides, helium, bismuth nitrite for chemical purposes, iodine for chemical purposes, flowers of sulphur for chemical purposes, bicarbonate of soda for chemical purposes, sulphuric acid, copper sulphate (vitriol), barium sulphate, ammonium sulfate, sulphates, sulphides, antimony sulphide, carbon sulphide, spirits of vinegar (dilute acetic acid), salts from rare earth metals, diastase for industrial purposes, gallic acid for industrial purposes, cellulose for industrial purposes, cellulose esters for industrial purposes, ester for industrial purposes, camphor, for industrial purposes, casein for industrial purposes, quebracho for industrial purposes, phenol for industrial purposes, glucose for industrial purposes; , enzymes for industrial purposes, glucosides, glycerides, glycol, glycol ether, naphtalene, potassium dioxalate, malt albumen, methane, methyl benzene, methyl ether, wood alcohol, pyroligneous acid (wood vinegar), lecithin (raw material), albumen (animal or vegetable, raw material), benzene-based acids, benzene derivatives, benzoic acid, benzoic sulphinide, viscose, tartar other than for pharmaceutical purposes, cream of tartar, other than for pharmaceutical purposes, tetrachlorides, acetylene tetrachlorides, carbon tetrachlorides, salicylic acid, sebacic acid, stearic acid, cymene, amyl alcohol, acetone, acetylene, antranilic acid, aldehydes, alcohol, ammonium aldehyde, ethane, ethers, ethyl alcohol, ethyl ether, oxalic acid, oxalates, oleic acid, iodised albumen, organo-metallic compounds, organoarsenic compounds, organic acid, organic acid salts, organophosphorous compounds, organic halogenides, heterocyclic compounds, phosphatides, lactic acid, vinic alcohol, fatty acids, nitrogen compounds, ketones, cholic acid, crotonic aldehyde, tartaric acid, tannin, tannic acid, carbohydrates, hydrocarbon, toluene, toluol, thiocarbanilide, phenol for industrial purposes, wine (chemicals used in fermenting -), formic acid, pyrogallic acid, picric acid, bromine for chemical purposes, creosote for chemical purposes, formic aldehyde for chemical purposes, hydrazine, emollients for industrial purposes, decolorants for industrial purposes, dehydrating preparations for industrial purposes, greases (preparations for the separation of -), foaming agents, water repellents, spinning assistants, unsticking and separating preparations, antistatic preparations, other than for household purposes, degreasing preparations for use in manufacturing processes, petroleum dispersants, deforming agents, wetting agents, opacifiers for enamel or glass, staining-chemicals for enamel or glass, enamel (chemical preparations, except pigments, for the manufacture of -), dyeing' assistants, oil-separati; ng chemicals, oil dispersants, oil-purifying chemicals, absorbing oil (synthetic materials for -), emulsifiers, degumming assistants, mold-release preparations, weaving assistants, fulling preparations, penetrants, plastisols, dispersions of plastics, adsorbents, plasticizers, gas purifying preparations, dregs eliminators, sumac for use in tanning, algarovilla (tanning material), tanning substances, carburizing agents, vulcanisation accelerators, vulcanising preparations, water-softening preparations, chemical intensifiers for rubber, rubber preservatives, degumming preparations, defoliants, mildew (chemical preparations to prevent -), air entraining agents, cooking (preparations for stimulating -) for industrial purposes, soot for industrial or agricultural purposes, lamp black for industrial purposes, mangrove bark for industrial purposes, caustics for industrial purposes, meat tenderizers for industrial purposes, carbon black for industrial purposes, collodion for industrial purposes, polish removing substances, metal hardening preparations, metal tempering preparations, sequestering agents, flower preservatives, compositions for threading, water resistant agents, anti-knock substances for internal combustion engines, fireproofing preparations, refrigerating preparations, anti-aging agents, balm of gurjun (gurjon, gurjan) for making varnish, steel forging preparations, animal charcoal, animal carbon preparations, radiator flushing chemicals, renovating preparations for phonograph records, compositions for the manufacture of phonograph records, lenses (preparations for preventing the tarnishing of -), beer preserving agents, beer-clarifying and preserving agents, chemical preparations for the treatment of water, ungluing preparations (except for wallpaper and coating materials), exothermic agents, antifungus agents, dam proofing agents, anti-creasing agents, anti-shrink agents, brickwork preservatives, except paints and oils, heat retaining preparations, antifreez; ing agents, scale removing preparations, other than for household purposes, chemical reagents (other than for medical purposes), oxidizing agents, additives, chemical, to fungicides, additives, chemical, to insecticides, damp proofing preparations, except paints, for masonry, masonry preservatives, except paints and oils, coal saving preparations, flashlight preparations, dressing and finishing preparations for textiles, detergent additives to petrol (gasoline), ceramic compositions for sintering (granu1es and powders), fire extinguishing compositions, agents for protection against slime, cement set accelerators, cement-waterproofing preparations, except paints, cement preservatives, except paints and oils, cement blending agents, carbolineum for the protection of plants, oils for the preservation of food, foodstuffs (chemical substances for preserving -), galvanizing baths, galvanizing preparations, preservatives for pharmaceutical preparations, gas propellents for aerosols, anti-boil preparations for engine coolants, engine decarbonising chemicals, filtering materials (chemical preparations), fuelsaving preparations, auxiliary fluids for use with abrasives, combusting preparations (chemical additives to motor fuel), anti- incrustants, soldering fluxes, brazing preparations, solvents, additives, chemical, to motor fuel, moderating materials for nuclear reactors, toxic gas neutralizers, glassfrosting chemicals, anti-tarnishing chemicals for windows, drilling muds, chemical additives to drilling mud, filtering preparations for the beverages industry, flocculants, condensation-preventing chemicals, softening preparations for ion exchange resin, ion exchangers (chemical preparations), self defence (chemical preparations for -), battery anti-sulphurizing agents, spreading agents, water purifying chemicals, coating agents for static occurrence control, chemical intensifiers for paper, seed preserving substances, binding substances (foundry -), foundry molding (moulding); preparations, textile-waterproofing chemicals, stain-preventing chemicals for use on fabrics, finishing preparations for use in the manufacture of steel, corrosion inhibitors, purification preparations, catalysts, anti-frothing solutions for batteries, liquids for removing sulphates from batteries, acidulated water for recharging batteries, anti-settling agents, catechu, concrete preservatives, except paints and oils, concrete- aeration chemicals, agglutinants for concrete, inner tubes of tires (tyres) (compositions for repairing -), tyre repairing compositions, mastic for tires (tyres), anti-puncture preparations, tiles (preservatives for -), except paints and oils, deodorizer for industrial purposes, tan, tan-wood, soil stabilizing agents, paints (chemical preparations for the manufacture of -), must-fining preparations, leather-dressing chemicals, oils for tanning leather, leatherwaterproofing chemicals, leather-renovating chemicals, mastic for leather, renovating chemicals (leather -), chemical preparations for facilitating the alloying of metals, condensation preparations (chemical -), reducing agents, chemical preparations for smoking meat, cement for pneumatic tires (tyres), gums (adhesives) other than for stationery or household purposes, isinglass other than for stationery, household or alimentary purposes, glue for industrial purposes, starch paste (adhesive), other than for stationery or household purposes, gelatine for industrial purposes, dextrine size, size for finishing and priming, adhesives for billposting, adhesives for paperhanging, adhesives for wall tiles, cement for boots and shoes, glutinous tree-banding preparations, cement for mending broken articles, artificial sweeteners (chemical preparations), hormones for hastening the ripening of fruit, wheat smut (chemical preparations to prevent-), wheat blight (smut) (chemical preparations for protection against- ), anti-sprouting preparations, plant growth regulating preparations, trace elements (p; reparations of -) for plants, plant rearing preparations, plant hormones (phytohormones), soilconditioning chemicals, vine disease preventing chemicals, ceramic glazings, clay (china -), diatomaceous earth, dolomite for industrial purposes, magnesite, quartz (feldspar) porphyry, alunite, monaz ores, bentonite, bauxite, arsenic, cryolite, acid clay, rock salt, witherite, sulphur (non-metallic mineral), rock phosphate, tourmalin, foundry sand, barytes, natural graphite, spinel (chemical preparations), saltpeter, kaolin, fluorite (florspa), talc (magnesium silicate), birdlime, litmus paper, nitrate paper, test paper, chemical, silicone resins, diarylisophalate resins, diarylphtalate resins, melamine resins, acrylic resins, unprocessed, epoxy resins, unprocessed, degenerated polyphenylene oxide resins, unsaturated polyester resins, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene resins, urea-formaldehyde resins, phenolic resins, polyamide resins, polyester resins, furan resins, guanamine resins, lauryl resins, butylate resins, fluorine resins, styrene acrylonytrile resins, polymethyl metacrylate resins, polybenzimidazol resins, polybutylene resins, polybutylene terephthalate resins, polyvinyl acetal resins, polyvinyl alcohol resins, polysulfone resins, polystyrene resins, polyallylate resins, polyethylene resins, polyethtylene terephthalate resins, polyvinylidene chloride resins, polyvinyl chloride resins, polyurethane resins, polyvinyl acetate resins, polycarbonate resins, polyphenylene sulfide resins, polyphenylene oxide resins, polypropylene resins, propionate resins, celluloids, cellulose nitrate resins, cellulose plastic resins, cellulose acetate plastics, casein resins, plastics, unprocessed, rag pulp, refiner ground pulp, wood pulp, bagasse pulp, straw pulp, semichemical pulp, cellulose pulp, soda pulp, groundwood pulp, sulphite pulp, esparto pulp, heat machine pulp, melting pulp, bast pulp, chemimechanical pulp, kraft pulp (sulphate pulp), decolorized pulp, composition pulp, ch; emical pulp, gadolinium, gallium, neodymium, neptunium, radium, lanthanum, rhenium, rubidium, lithium, barium, berkelium, bismuth, samarium, cerium, selenium, mercury, scandium, strontium, silicones, americium, actinium, antimony, erbium, uranium, europium, ytterbium, yttrium, califomium, curium, thallium, terbium, technetium, tellurium, thorium, thulium, fermium, polonium, praseodymium, francium, promethium, protactinium, plutonium, holmium, photometric paper, protein paper, diazo paper, cinematographic film, sensitized but not exposed, sensitized films, unexposed, x-ray films, sensitized but not exposed, photographic emulsions, photographic sensitizers, sensitized paper for photography, sensitized photographic plates, sensitized cloth for photography, photographic dry plates, light resistant powder for photography, self-toning paper (photography), fixing solutions (photography), gelatine for photographic purposes, toning baths (photography), toning salts (photography), ferrotype plates (photography), pectin (photography), photographic paper, photographic developers, cyanotyping (solutions for ), blueprint cloth, blueprint paper, antifreeze, brake fluid, coolants for vehicle engines, fluids for hydraulic circuits, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, microorganisms other than medical purposes, except enzyme, composites for the manufacture of technical ceramics
Potash; fertilizers; chemicals for use in the manufacture of fertilizers including, nitrogen, ammonia, ammonium, potassium, potash, phosphate, sulphur, potassium nitrate, ammonium nitrate, ammonium phosphate, urea, sulphuric acid and phosphoric acid; chemicals for use in the manufacture of pesticides; agricultural chemicals, namely surfactants, adjuvants, and wetting agents for use in the application of herbicides, insecticides, pesticides, and soil nutrients; adjuvants for use with agricultural chemicals; oil spray adjuvant for use with agricultural insecticides and fungicides; active chemical ingredients for use in the manufacture of fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and rodenticides; soil conditioners for agricultural use; nutritive additive to enhance the biological activity of water and soil for purposes of fertilization, improvement of soil pH and irrigation water pH, improvement of soil penetrability, and enhancement of pesticide and fertilizer performance; chemical preparations for use in agriculture, namely, chemical preparations for the treatment of seeds; soil surfactant used to promote uniform movement of water in soil; soil inoculants for application to seeds used in agriculture; chemical additives for fertilizers; wetting agent, spreading agent, penetrant and surfactant for use in connection with pesticides, herbicides, desiccants, defoliants, insecticides, fungicides, acaracides, plant growth regulators and foliar nutrients; water conditioners, namely, phosphates for potable water treatment; anti foamer, defoamer for agricultural use; amino acids for use with water soluble plant nutritional products; amino acids as a nitrogen source for use with water soluble plant nutritional products and amino acids as a nitrogen sources for use in combination with water soluble plant nutritional products formulated for foliar or drip irrigation application; plant growth nutrients; plant food; water treatment additive for use in golf course turf management; high purity urea solution for the treatment and control of diesel exhaust, nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide emissions, namely, chemical additives for fuel exhaust