Petrochemicals and synthetic resins, namely, ethylene, polyethylene, polystyrene, styrene ethylene interpolymers and styrene; unprocessed synthetic resins; unprocessed plastics; plastic molding compounds for use in the manufacture of plastic sheets and films; unprocessed plastic in the form of powder or granules; unprocessed artificial resins; semi-processed synthetic resins; radiation curable unprocessed synthetic resins; unprocessed synthetic resins for use in the manufacture of molding compounds; unprocessed synthetic resin compounds in the form of microspheres used to incorporate various other substances; semi-worked synthetic plastic and synthetic resins as semi-finished products in form of pellets, rods, foils, foams, fibers, films and sheets; unprocessed polyolefin resins for use in the plastics industry; expandable polystyrene compositions for use in the chemicals industry; polymerization catalysts; catalysts for chemical processes; catalysts for use in the manufacture of synthetics and polymers; chemicals, namely, petroleum sulfonates; aromatic hydrocarbons; aromatic solvents for industrial and commercial use; petroleum distillates; hydrogen; unprocessed moldable foam resin for use in the manufacture of molded plastic articles; synthetic resins for use in the manufacture of molded articles; benzene; xylene; toluene; styrene; isobutylene; butadiene; methyl alcohol (methanol) for industrial purposes; c3-c5 dienes; c9 resin oils, dicyclopentadiene; cyclopentadiene resin; c4-c9 raffinates; unprocessed polyethylene resins