Fragance-inducing chemical products, including aroma chemicals, melodor-counteractant chemicals, blends of aroma chemicals/malodor-counteractant chemicals, blends of aroma chemicals/malodor-counteractant chemicals/essential oils or essences, said products being goods included in class 1 and suitable for use in odor control during manufacturing or industrial processes, such as in the textile finishing industry, the printing industry (inks and paper), and the dry cleaning industry; or in large scale closed air systems such as auditoriums, subways and transport systems; or in industrial or domestic effluent control such as in processes involved in pulping, stock yard and meat processing, sewage treatment, garbage disposal, avarian or animal husbandry or pet care effluents; or in product ordor control as in textile finished goods, rubber finished goods; or in the preparation of open space or room or car Fresheners or deodorants in the form of aerosols, liquids, solids, powders and gels; or in the preparation of clothes deodorants as applied by washing machine applications such as detergents, powders, liquids, fabric whiteners or softeners, or by other applications such as closet blocks or closet aerosol sprays; or in the preparation of bothroom accessories such as paper towels, bathroom tissues, sanitary napkins, towelettes, disposable wash cloths, disposable diapers, and diaper pail deodorants; or in the preparation of cleansers such as disinfectants and toilet bowl cleaners; or in the preparation of cosmetic products, including hair care or face care or body care or foot care products, such as hair sprays, conditioners, rinses, hair colors and dyes, permanent waves, depilatories, hair straighteners, hair groom applications, pomades, creams, lotions, shampoos, deodorants, colognes, after-shave or Body-lotions or colognes; or in the preparation of domestic animal and pet-care products such as deodorants, shampoos or cleaning agents; or in the preparation of soaps and detergents