Exercise and Sports Science Consultancy; Exercise Physiology Consultancy; Screening and risk stratifying to ensure the safety and appropriateness of exercise and physical activity interventions; Assessing movement capacity in people of all ages and levels of health, well-being or fitness; Development of safe, effective individualised exercise interventions; Provision of health education, advice and support to enhance health and well-being; Provision of physical activity advice and clinical exercise prescription, for those at high-risk of developing, or with existing chronic health conditions; Provision of rehabilitation and advice for patients following the acute stage of injury, surgical intervention, or during recovery to restore functional capacity and well-being; and The above tasks may occur at any level of primary, secondary or tertiary health care, and may include work at an individual, community or population health level; rehabilitation services; group classes; chronic disease rehabilitation (medicare); rehabilitation services; department of veteran affairs services; group diabetes; periodization of programmes for athletes, apparently healthy and clinical populations; buddy sessions; fitness assessment; school based sports programmes; athletic clubs; boxing gloves; yoga mats; health and wellness how to guides; health and wellness information packs; health and wellness books; strength and conditioning programme design; cardiovascular programme design; weight loss programme design; power programme design; plyometric programme design; health and wellness blogs; health and wellness websites; health and wellness social media