Educational, instructional and teaching services; educational services relating to psychological treatment of patients; design and development of educational courses and qualifications; arranging and conducting colloquiums, conferences, workshops, seminars, symposia, retreats and online instructions relating to the psychological treatment of patients; production of video, audio and audio-visual teaching aids; publication and distribution of printed matter, books, periodicals, magazines, journals, articles and questionnaires; online publication of printed matter, books, periodicals, magazines, journals, articles, blogs and questionnaires; providing non-downloadable online electronic publications; publication of multi-media materials online; providing information, including online, about psychological treatment of patients; publication (including electronic publication) and dissemination of educational information and educational materials relating to mental health and psychological treatment of patients; training services including training services relating to the psychological treatment of patients; arranging and conducting of educational and training lectures, courses workshops, seminars and presentations; publication of teaching and instructional materials; electronic publication of information on a wide range of topics, including online; life coaching services; lifestyle counselling; mentoring services; personal development training; vocational and career training; provision of information, advisory and consultancy services in respect of all of the foregoing
Education and practical skills training of local and overseas students, current farm workers and owner directors of farms in the theory and practical skills required to make candidates job ready and owners and management aware of the latest developments; to build operate, staff and advertise the International Centre of Excellence for Horticulture to the wider market including overseas and interstate in Australia; to provide growing structures and facilities including field crop and protected cropping facilities such as greenhouses,glasshouses, shade house, irrigation, fertigation, tractor and implement use for horticultural and agricultural pursuits for training research development and extension purposes; provision of training rooms and associated facilities such as soil, water and plant tissue testing laboratories for training purposes; to partner with registered training organisations, RTO's, Universities and technical institutions to provide staff and accreditation of courses to higher education and certificate level and to provide adult education based non accredited training for candidates; To act as an information hub for horticulture/agriculture in Australia and on the world stage and to follow World's Best Practice and Continuous improvement standards in pre- farm gate production, post farm gate value adding, environmental and sustainability services andd to be a conduit to industry groups involved in horticulture and agriculture commodities; to provide training and awareness of agribusiness principles for management staff and students from overseas and Australia