Chemical substances for use in manufacture, industry and science, and including products relating to the manufacture of electrical and electronic equipment, ferromagnetic and ferromagnetic oxidic materials with permanent magnetic properties; chemical substances for use in photography or philosophical research; gases including rare gases; photographic and cinematographic film and papers and sensitized material; chemical products for use with x-ray equipment; radioactive isotopes including substances naturally occurring or artificially produced for use in testing during manufacture and philosophical research; synthetic resins and compositions thereof and polyester resins, moulding powders and cements in this class; and plastics in the form of powders, pastes, liquids and gels including those for use in the manufacture of electric lamps, and of parts for electrical and electronic equipment (including radio and television apparatus); chemical substances and products for agricultural and horticultural purposes and for forestry; substances and products in this class for treating, processing and preserving agricultural, horticultural and forestry products; raw or partly prepared vegetable, animal and mineral substances used in manufacture, raw materials used in the manufacture of ceramic articles; cements being adhesives in this class and adhesive substances for use in the manufacture of electrical and electronic equipment, excludingscouring liquids for fabrics; barium carbonate, lead phosphite, locking compounds, malachite green indicator, magnesium carbonate, manganese dioxide, manganese carbonate, marble flour, marble dust, mercury, methacrylate resins (including solutions), methane, methanol, methyl cellulose, methylene dichloride, mica spray, molybdenum triosice, monoethyl Glycol ether, B-napthol, nickel chloride, nickel oxide, nickel sulphamate, nitric acide, nitrocellulose, nitrocellulose alkyd resin glue, ozokerite, para-tertiary butyl catechol,phosphorous, phosphorous red, potassium hydroxide, protective additive, quinoline, silicic acid, silicium slice, sillimanite mixture, silver mixture, silver oxide, sodium fluoroaluminate (cryolite), sodium hexanetaphosphate, sodium hydroxide, sodium hypophosphite, sodium molybdate; sodium nitrate, soldering materials including soldering flux, soldering liquid and soldering paste, sorbitan monolaurate, spray paste, spray dried powder, stabiliser, stearic acide, strontium carbonate, strontium ferrite (including powders), tetramethylorthosilicate, tin fluoro-borate acide, water repellant, waxes for use in manufacture, white spirit, wood meal, zinc stearate, zirconium aluminium powder(including Suspensions), zirconium emitter, zirconium (including suspensions); being goods included in this class
Chemical products used in industry, science and photography, including products used for the manufacture of plastic materials; synthetic materials used as raw materials in the form of dispersions, pastes, granulates and powders; chemical expedients and reagents for processing and improving plastic materials, namely softeners, plasticizers and stabilizing agents; synthetic materials for the manufacture of fibres, monofibres, multifibres and spun fibres and for the manufacture of spun and non-spun thrads, yarns, woven or knitted tissues, filter cloth, ribbons, mats, curtains, bags for packing purposes and for the manufacture of bristles, brushes, paint brushes; sensitized films, foils and tapes for industrial, scientific and phoptographic purposes; plastic materials for the manufacture of heat insulators, insulating agents and sponges; industrial adhesives; raw Materials based on synthetic resins for use in the manufacture binding agents for paints and lacquer; synthetic caoutchouc as well as chemical expedients and reagents for processing and improving same; raw materials for washing agents used for the manufacture of textile and household washing and bleaching agents as well as chemical expedients and reagents for processing and improving same; chemical expedients for the textile industry, namely wetting agents, emulsifiers, dispersing agents, sizing, finishing and conditioning agents; raw and semi-finished chemical products for the manufacture of dressing agents; emulsifiers for technical purposes; chlorated hydrocarbons for the manufacture of stain removers; solvent, including solvents for fats, natural and synthetic resins and bitumens; carbon blacks for industrial purposes; technical gases for welding purposes; boiling agents, heat retention Agents; antifreezing compositions and moderators, chemical blending agents for lubricants and all other goods