Being cleaning, degreasing, disincrusting, soil conditioning preparations in this class; chemicals used in industry, science, photography, agriculture, horticulture and forestry; acid proof chemical compositions; additives, chemical to drilling muds, fungicides, insecticides, motor fuel; aeration and aerating chemicals; aquaculture chemicals, except fungicides, weedkillers, herbicides, insecticides and parasiticides; biological preparations (other than for medical or veterinary purposes); beer clarifying and preserving agents; cellulose derivatives (chemicals); cereals (by-products of) for industrial purposes; chemical substances for laboratory analysis; metal working preparations; citric acid for industrial purposes; colour brightening and bleaching preparations for industrial purposes; conditioning chemicals for waterbeds; coolants for vehicle engines; damp proofing preparations except paints for masonry; decarbonising preparations; defoliants; detergents for manufacturing operations; drilling muds; emollients for industrial purposes; esters; fatty acids; fertilizing preparations; fire extinguishing compositions; flocculants; fluids for hydraulic circuits; glucosides; hydrates; hydraulic circuits (liquids for); iodine for chemical, industrial purposes; lactic acid; leather-treatment chemicals; mildew release and prevention preparations; oil, grease and petroleum dispersants, purifiers and separators; effluent treatment preparations; preparations for algae and waterweeds; plant growth regulating preparations; purification preparations; rust and corrosion inhibitors; soil-conditioning chemicals; solvents; stain-preventing chemicals for use on fabrics; surface-active chemical agents; tree-cavity fillers (forestry); vine disease preventing chemicals; wetting preparations for industry; odour control preparations for manufacture, industry, agriculture and horticulture; dust control preparations for manufacture and industry; water purifying chemicals; glycosides; effluent treatment chemicals for manufacture, agriculture and industry; filter media cleaning chemicals; chemicals for marine applications; cellulose esters for industrial purposes; anti-incrustants; filtering materials (chemical preparations, mineral substances, vegetable substances)
Bentonite-based compounds for use in wastewater treatment equipment; bentonite, polymers and foaming agents, all for industrial use; bentonite-based tool joint lubricants; polymers and polymer-clay blends for the solidification and stabilization of aqueous sludge wastes; bentonite geo-composite liner; chemical preparations, namely, coagulants, coagulant aids, flocculants and flocculating additives for use in treating wastewater; clay-based water purifying compounds; water soluble chemicals for use in the manufacture of water treatment chemicals; granular filtration media for removal of oil and grease compounds from aqueous streams; granular super absorbent polymers for large-scale or bulk aqueous environmental waste solidification; super absorbent polymer used to absorb various types of waste in the nuclear industry; bentonite-based waterproofing compositions for use in the construction industry; waterproofing chemical compositions for concrete and masonry construction surfaces and below-grade structures, namely, foundation walls and tunnel walls; chemical compositions for building and construction surfaces, namely, hydraulic-cement water plugs; granular bentonite used for laying pipe in tunnels; drilling fluid additive; bentonite clay and polymeric drilling fluids; bentonite for well drilling operations; viscous polymer composition for use as a soil stabilizing and lubricating agent in drilling and excavating all manner of trenches, boreholes, shafts and tunnels; high-swelling sodium bentonite clay used to abandon bore holes constructed during a drilling process
Benzene derivatives, namely ethylbenzene and benzene-toluene fraction; surface-active chemical agents; glycols; hydrocarbon gases for industrial purposes, namely, isobutane, pentane, isopentane, isobutane, butadiene; dispersions of plastics; detergent additives to gasoline [petrol]; chemical additives to motor fuel, namely, high-octane additive and a petrochemical distillation residue; catalysts; nitric acid; benzoic acid; acids, including acrylic acids; benzene-based acids; adhesives for industrial purposes; unprocessed plastics for industrial purposes, including general-purpose polystyrene, high-impact polystyrene, polymeric alloys used for industrial purposes; polystyrene for industrial purposes; plasticizers; polyvinylchloride used for industrial purposes; propylene; polypropylene; polyolefins; polyethylene resins, including high-pressure polyethylene and low-density polyethylene; rubber preservatives; acrylic resins, unprocessed, including acrylates; unprocessed artificial resins, namely, foaming polystyrene; unprocessed synthetic resins, including thermoplastic polymers, polypropylene resins, polyvinylchloride resins, butadiene-styrene copolymers, pyrolysis resins, polycarbonate resins, polyethylene terephthalate in the nature of granulated material, including secondary and amorphous polyethylene terephthalate in the nature of granules; acrylate resins; unprocessed epoxy resins, including ethylene oxide; caustic soda for industrial purposes; salts [chemical preparations]; salts for industrial purposes; ethanol, including ethylene glycols, for industrial purposes; alcohols, including butyl alcohol; isobutyl alcohol and alcohol-ester concentrate; toluene, namely toluene fraction; chemicals for industrial and scientific purposes, including terephthalic acid or acetic acid; polyester-based chemicals; chlorine; chlorides, namely, commercial dichloroethane; ethers; esters, including acrylic acid methyl ester, acrylic acid butyl ester, acrylic acid ethyl ester; fire extinguishing compositions; tempering and soldering preparations; anti-knock substances for internal combustion engines; gas purifying preparations; detergents for use in manufacturing processes; filtering materials [unprocessed plastics]; filtering materials [chemical preparations]; textile-impregnating chemicals; alkalies; glycol ether