Auxiliary fluids for use with abrasives; synthetic materials for absorbing oil; acetates; acetone; acrylic resins; adhesives for industrial purposes; gas propellants for aerosols; alcohol; ethyl-alcohol; alkaloids; chemical preparations for facilitating the alloying of metals; anti-boil preparations for engine coolants; antifreeze; anti-knock substances for internal combustion engines; anti-tarnishing chemicals for windows; artificial resins; automobile body fillers; bleaching preparations (decolourants) for industrial purposes; blueprint cloth; blueprint paper; brake fluid; brazing fluxes; brazing preparations; brightening chemicals for industrial purposes; car body fillers; carbon; catalysts; caustics for industrial purposes; chemical additives for oils; combusting preparations (chemical additives to motor fuel); chemical condensation preparations; coolants; corrosive preparations; chemical preparations being enamel; engine-decarbonising chemicals; filtering materials; bleaching chemicals; degreasing preparations for use in manufacturing processes; detergents for use in manufacturing processes; dispersants; enamel staining chemicals; fluxes; glue for industrial purposes; graphite for industrial purposes; grease-removing preparations for use in manufacturing processes; adhesive gums; mordants for metals; oil dispersants; synthetic materials for absorbing oil; chemical preparations for the manufacture of paints; petroleum dispersants; plastics; polish removing substances; power steering fluid; protective gases for welding; purification preparations; unprocessed resins; rubber preservatives; salts for colouring metal; salts for industrial purposes; scale removing preparations, other than for household purposes; solvents for varnishes; staining chemicals; transmission fluid; ungluing preparations; un-sticking and separating preparations; water purifying chemicals; waterproofing chemicals; welding chemicals