Apparatus for use in fishing; Artificial fishing bait; Audible indicating apparatus for use in fishing; Bags adapted for fishing; Bags adapted to hold fishing tackle; Bite indicators (fishing tackle); Bite sensors (fishing tackle); Cases for fishing rods; Creels (fishing traps); Decoys for hunting or fishing; Fishing apparatus; Fishing articles; Fishing bags; Fishing bait (synthetic); Fishing floats; Fishing gaffs; Fishing ground baits; Fishing holdalls; Fishing line casts; Fishing lines; Fishing plumbs; Fishing reel cases; Fishing reels; Fishing rod blanks; Fishing rod cases; Fishing rod rests; Fishing rod supports; Fishing rods; Fishing stools; Fishing tackle; Fishing tackle boxes; Fishing tackle float swivels; Fishing tackle floats; Fishing tackle holdalls; Fishing tackle terminal tackle; Fishing tackle wallets; Fishing weights; Fittings for fishing rod handles; Flies for fishing; Floats for fishing; Fly-tying materials for making flies for fishing; Gut for fishing; Hand-held fishing nets; Handles for fishing rods; Hooks for fishing; Landing nets for fishing; Line casts for fly-fishing; Sinkers and similar devices for fishing; Lines for fishing; Linings for fishing rods; Lures (artificial) for fishing; Lures for hunting or fishing; Natural gut for fishing; Paternosters (fishing tackle); Poles for fishing; Reels for fishing; Rods for fishing; Scent lures for hunting or fishing; Sporting articles for use in fishing; Swivels (fishing tackle); Warning devices (bite indicators) for use with fishing tackle; Branded clothing and accessories; Talks, information sessions and seminars on fishing; videos and similar productions on fishing; Fishing shops either online or physical